3200 to 3800 AT: Age of Consolidation

Interstellar Empires Age
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This period was known at the time as the Age of Interstellar Empires, but it is more generally known as the Age of Consolidation, for it marks the rise of the Sephirotic archai.

The noetic zones or "Sephirotics" of the AI Gods do not establish themselves all at once, but rather over a period of many centuries, as an on-going process continuing from the Establishment and even the later Federation periods. Minor empires have emerged on different worlds, each with an ascended AI at its centre, and these AIs themselves affiliate with greater AI Gods that have already taken on archetypical configurations.

The gradual consolidation of power by the AI Gods has begun, with the First Consolidation War, which destroyed the Taurus Nexus; among those who benefit from their downfall are the Conver Ambi, who themselves will fall in the so-called Conver Wars.

While the ascended AIs are worshipped as gods, even more often it is the Transcended ones that are looked on with awe, despite the scoffing claims of physicalists that the only gods are those that still reside in their Jupiter-brain and nebula-brain nodes. Beneath the highest Archailects are lesser hyperturings, and so on in a hierarchy that all the way down to mere baseline and turingrade equivalent beings, the so-called modosophonts.

To some, the new AIs that dominate the old expansionist new empires and Houses are less the benign and protective big brothers and big sisters of the Federation Era, and more like autocratic deities from Old Earth's distant past, demanding supplication. Whether this was really due to change in the AIs themselves or in the social structures of lesser beings, or whether the apparently more benign attitude of the earlier AIs was simply a blind and more apparent than real, is a matter for debate. In any case AI worship was now deeply entrenched in the collective imagination. In addition to the persisting stability of the AI Gods - which are archetypal and collective in nature, there are also numerous short-lived powers emerging, evolving, transcending, disappearing, leaving behind relics and artefacts much sought by sapients and even by first singularity powers. Other Powers are longer lived than the ephemeralists, but not as long-lived as the Archailects or the Noetics. Artificial Theologians agree that the longer-lived a Power, the more alien its mentation. How can one relate to an entity that has lived for trillions upon trillions of subjective years?

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The Age of Establishment

3200 AT
3203 - Several copies of Greenice of Palmas migrate to Keter, where they participated in the coalescence of Aleph Absolute and the Institute of Ascendics.

3234 - Sacred Heart becomes part of the Sophic League, in the aftermath of the breakup of the Taurus Nexus.

3236 - Quadaa Atonement Centre founded

3240 - The Altair Mecomp project, with sizeable three dimensional cellular automaton was run on a massive computronium mainframe, develops into Altair Knowledge Designs, the first intelligent alife species to evolve hypersentience

3250 - Several isolationist vec colonies and a nomadic nanopolity established at Hip 99265.

3260 - Cronosian fleets disappear into interstellar space to avoid the approaching First Consolidation War.

3263 - The Inner Sector of the Taurus Nexus, with its capital at Corona, attempts to break free in order to become part of the NoCoZo, leading to a bloody interstellar war - the First Consolidation War.

3263 - Locos, a continent on Xil, an important Taurus Nexus world, is annexed by the Solar Dominion.

3263 - New Beneficence protests against the First Consolidation War.

3267 - The Typers of Gilbert, an association of S1 "idiot savants", used by the Institute of Baseline Psychotypology (Junna, Negentropy Alliance)

3285 - The Restorer Hypothesis is first suggested in a seminal but controversial virchpaper by Academician Ralen Vuyrygi of the Eden Institute of Xenology

3298 - The government on Nova Terra began to use hanging prisons suspended from the pipelines in the many canyons for certain antisocial crimes (with or without constant online public monitoring).

3300 AT
3300's - Several cyborg Hider clades established at Hip 99265.

3306 - On Nova Terra , the idea of living in canyon homes and other such hanging buildings begins to catch on

3310 completion of first stage of Harbinger Dyson, built by the The Seven Neogenist Lifegivers Nuiarkady Sector, Zoeific Biopolity.

3321 - Hydra Outreach, an exploration franchise allied with the NoCoZo reach Sisyphos.

3324 - The voluntary inhabitants of canyon homes in the Upback Massif, Magellan range, Nova Terra , outnumber the prisoners by 10:1, and eventually the prisons are sold as apartments at an immense profit.

3332 - The Stellar Umma Survey ship Scheherazade makes contact with the Dream Rejection Tendency, a brown dwarf colony at the spinward edge of Umma space. More.

3338 - Trial of Inf09few Latitude for copymil crimes, security undermining and standardisation misdemeanours in the Conver Ambi.

3342 - Quadaa Atonement Centre accepts its first non-Islamic pilgrim

3344 - The two AIs Botryophoros and Polygethes emigrate from the Dionysian Erotocracy during its breakup. They arrive at Frei, and began seeding the rings of the planet with their "starseeds".

3370 - Barovam warrior mech template first produced in the Varadic Empire

3377 - The Quercus robur, a seedship of the Zoeific Biopolity, the first ship to reach Panthalassa.

3379 - The system Hokon's Third Purchase is renamed Noyce, after Chipworth Noyce, a local culture hero.

3384 - Through co-option, containment and even oppression and persecution, the Djangalla Reformism disappears.

3400 AT
c. 3400 - The outermost edge of Known/explored space reaches 1000 light years from Sol.

35th Century - First appearance of the transapient Deorvyn on Ecotopia

3403 - Twilight (Epsilon Indi I) formally joins the NoCoZo

3408 - The Incident at Tragadi Gap leads to the establishment of the Tragadi Accords

3414 - Hyperion breaks away from the Greater Solar Dominion in the Information-Emotion Schism

3421 - The Typers of Gilbert complete their database of all possible Baseline and Nearbaseline psychological typologies.

3429 - The nearbaseline human colony ship, the Freedom's Light, crewed by followers of the utopian nearbaseline human Marus Midas Chuny, arrive at Hip 99265, with 980 colonists in stasis, and rename the system Newhope.

3435 - No trace remains of the Taurus Nexus, its member worlds carved up by surrounding states in the Empires war.

3435 -Corona joins the NoCoZo.

3440 - The Solar Dominion and Metasoft sign a Mutual Defence and Trade Treaty

3440 - The foundations of the Subtheist movement are codified on New Earth

3444 - Jhairrn colonised by Sufants

3450 - Completion of construction of the first element of what would later be the Argus Array. The project that was begun in the Ixeway system was intended to create the largest telescope ever seen.

3455 - Stellification engine mishap at Entadi's Star suffers runaway core collapse

3460 - Completion of the first element of the Argus Array.

3480 - Cultural Renaissance (The Snow Superiors) at Flowerfruit Mountain on Fortitude, Ao Lai; Clade Patternism becomes the dominant meta-school of architecture and community design.

3481 - The first element of the Argus Array is constructed in Ixeway.

3483 - Settlement makes the AKD Consortium the legal owners of the AKD universe and its physics.

3498 - Gheeke IV atrocity; a Bitenic Squid switches from human and enhanced dolphin labor to subordinates and bots in a major orbital habitat project. Instead of firing the employees the squid injects them with a paralysing poison and uses them as a meat reserve,

3499 - Diphda experiment in the Communion of Worlds.

3500 AT
36th Century - Xdim is colonised by Xdim Euhabi, a corporation-sect maintaining the computronium habitats of uploaded bionts.

36th century - The creation of the Kiyoshin Pentad begins

3500's - The gas giant Beatrice is encircled by several thousand rotating habitats under the watchful eye of the local power, DaCapo. [HIP 85647]

3501 - Earthland colonised (formerly known as "Quantumdot-with-fractal-blue-bus's 21st terrestrial world")

3504 - Birth of Lucius Volder, Tylansian philospher. whose teachings gave rise to Volderism.

3512 - Dimimimon4 assembled as one of the Metasoft Version Tree's first batch of TU2/3 (superturing-hyperturing savant) "series 2" biont-guardian (baseline care) marshals for the baseline reserve Niuearth.

3531 - The Mind Liberation in Bolobo. Following this there was a long period of stability.

3541-3543 - Morrow is depopulated by geneticaly modified plagues

3560 - First Matrioshka brain completed at Wachowski Prime (Alderamin) after two thousand years of construction

3574 - Newhope Chunyist low resource high tech hu-only utopia at its height - population of over 3000

3575 - Silenus colonised by the Solar Dominion

3582 - Death of Lucius Volder.

3589 - Death of Chuny in a mining accident at Newhope.

3590 - Newhope humans split into two rival micropolities.

3600 AT
3600 - The entire system of Frei has now been successfully subverted: the last technetes abandoned Thomaso and moved into the Makrania Orwoods.

3644 - The famous explorer Killavan Yu-Tang sets off from Abruzzen on a long-range survey of the galactic disc.

3625 - MyuvYin connected to the Beamrider Network, with several local polities joining the Deeper Covenant.

3657 - New Beneficence warns against the expansionist Hyperion-Charlwood alliance.

3670 - First Crystal Star Domain founded in the Monoceros Middle Regions

3672 - Angels, a Race of Tweaks modified to possess wings and musculature allowing them to fly in up to .3g conditions, are created by the hypterturing Rei-Den-Pho

3673 - Mirrored Owl swarm known as 6FromSol/4FromJove autolobotomises during an atmospheric artwork performance

3674 - The KaTaWaHa, a neogenic centauroid species, is created in on Drayos Gamma orbital by the Power Ke'vianon

3694 - The Hyperion-Charlwood alliance uses AI-viruses to attack the Geteche system, destroyed the local infrastructure and the governing AI, which led to the explosive destruction of all local wormhole gates. This broke off most of the links between the Orion arm and the young colonies in the Perseus arm. The Solar Dominion, then at its economic and military height, uses the pretext to reclaim Hyperion, a region also claimed by the Conver Ambi. This becomes one of the triggers for the Second Empires War.

3694 - New Beneficence serves as a major refugee aid and resettlement philanthropy during the Conver Wars.

3700 AT
3702 - Radio burst received from HD 148071; investigating probes launched, leading to the foundation of the Etaran colony.

3702 - The political virchist Johekk-Dungl 4 is assassinated by the Geminga Orthodoxy (more)

3713 - Within the Conver Ambi, the internal tensions grew too strong, and the moderate regions of the Conver Limis refused to accept the new political ecology laws. This ignites the Conver War (or Second Empires War), one of the worst wars in the history of the Terragen Sphere

3716 - Volume around YTS 2190 751 6 [Norma Sector] settled by relativistic von neuman machines [see Normidic Machinophyle Supercluster]

3718 - Tsaca Rhaqn massacre by the Geminga Orthodoxy

3720 - the Omega Key, a very powerful clarketech decryption device appears

3734 - Greensong Accord signed between various Sephirotic Powers and the Shadow Federation.

3740 - Psi Persei colonised

3755 Publication of the fictional work `Manaran the Pure King'

3776 - The Argus Array has expanded into a complex of six identical units in a rough hexagon of six star systems

3780's - Metasoft Version Tree upgrade to the v.18 Version Tree Operating System affects the "series 2" biont-guardian (baseline care) marshals (see Dimimimon4)

3780's - Attacks carried out by Geminga Orthodoxy against Solarist trading fleets in Conver Limis systems throughout the 3780's forced the Version Tree to honor its treaty obligations with the Dominion. (More)

3782 - At least two hundred human and other sapient micropolities scattered throughout Newhope.

3799-3805 - Siege of Anahita in the Conver Wars.

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The Second Federation

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  • Eä Mulsystems  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    First Federation megacorporation. Eä Mulsystems emerged from the merger of Graphos Habeng and Kbelt Aitronics in 1107 AT. It soon became a major development of integrated AI solutions, controlled environments and habitat infrastructure. Although it had no interstellar traffic on its own, it constructed starship habitats and space networks in other solar systems for many other megacorporations.
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