Charlwood is a cyborg culture that first appeared in the 3rd millennium AT in systems then on the rimward edge of Terragen space. It has long been dominated by an apparent obsession with evolution and the immune system. Originally led by a secretive S2 entity, it became known as a major source of dangerous viruses and replicator weapons. There is a possible link between Charlwood and the Daedalus perversion.

Together with Hyperion, another S2, and eir Marabi Patha Harmony, Charlwood formed an aggressive and expansionist Age of Consolidation empire, the Marabi Patha-Charlwood Alliance. After their attack on Geteche in 3964, the Solar Dominion and Conver Ambi acted to destroy the alliance and killed the S2 leading Charlwood, resulting in the remaining modosophont population fleeing towards the Trumpler 2 cluster. To this day they occupy six red dwarfs and nine brown dwarfs on the spinward edge of the cluster, inhabiting sparse orbital bands consisting mostly of O'Neill Cylinder habitats. They are fiercely independent and distrustful of outsiders, and have largely been left alone by the larger and higher toposophic polities in the area.
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