Neogenic centauroid species created in 3674 on Drayos Gamma orbital habitat.

The KaTaWaHa are adapted to hot, dry climates. Physically, they stand approx. 2m at the shoulder and are covered in small, hard scales that help retain moisture in the body. They have four legs ending in camel like feet with a short sharp claw, a short hairless tail and two arms on the upper torso that end in hands with four fingers and two opposable thumbs. Their faces are flat with deepset eyes giving binocular vision and a small narrow nose and beak- like mouth.

The KaTaWaHa are able to survive for up to 3 weeks without water and thrive at temperatures of well over 100 degrees F. Since their creation by the Power Ke'vianon, apparently because it could, the KaTaWaHa have spread in small enclaves to a number of terraformed and garden worlds, always seeking the hottest, driest parts of the planet. Their estimated population is around 450 billion.
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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 21 January 2002.