Manaran (The Pure King)
Fictional work created by Laucen Greatguy. The original work was an epic interactive virch, allegedly created purely as a hobby, but received a huge following on the known net after its release to the public in 3755. After that Laucen created many followups in different medias, expanding the fictional world in the process until his death in 3804 during the Meerlinda Technocalypse. During those four dozen years he created a world of incredible complexity, with its own geography, sociology, languages, and transapient pantheon.

The stories focus mostly on the deeds and sidestories of Tarnaron, a su who first manages to become ruler of his home system, and later ascend to transapience. Through the stories he travels to every corner of his homeworld Londamar, to Mithild the grey moon of technology, to Baranithil the golden moon of prosperity, to Nimithil the white moon of utopia, and he visits the dark, cold underworld Nuinamar where Gurth, the god of the deceased, keeps eir mind imprints. On his way he also manages to communicate with Maethor, the god of battle, Faun, the god of weather, Daecir, the god of the maglev tunnels and Beleghen, the watcher. He also meets one of the Major, a messenger from Belegaran, the creator of the world.

Though Manaran itself has never been known to many people, relative to the population of the Terragen sphere, the names of the Manaran mythos have been spread in the area inside and surrounding the Negentropy Alliance through the naming of planets, moons and other features. Most famous of those are the Belegaran system, the Nuinamar deepspace beamrider station, and the Gurth information archive. But the names have been used everywhere from the moons Mitihild and Baranithild in the Isbolde system, to the Halorod tower on Negentropy Prime, to Anglor gems from Grayop.
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Text by Thorbørn Steen
Initially published on 10 May 2006.