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Star: B5C 2309 6753
Type: G4
Luminosity: 1.05 x Sol
Distance from Sol: 855 ly
Constellation: Scorpius
Affiliation: Negentropy Alliance

Meerlinda is the fourth planet of star B5C 2309 6753 [Mekelon Astrographic Institute Standard Catalogue], colloquially known as Darram's Star, a G4 near HD 149313.

It was colonised in 3189 by the Shiftwranger clade of tweaks and became an important ultratech trading colony and close Negentropy Alliance affiliation.

Home of the author Laucen Greatguy, creator of Manaran the Pure King. Together with two hundred million others, Greatguy died in the Meerlinda Technocalypse in 3804. This was an infestation of 'gremlins', hunter-killer nanoscale pathogens which systematically eliminated all technology and killed the local ruling AIs. The source of this infestation is unknown but may have been caused by the weaponry left behind by extinct xenosophonts.

The world reverted to a primitive existence for more than ten years until rescued by a visiting Negentropy ISO.

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Text by Anders Sandberg, amended by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 08 December 2001.

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