Vela Immunity

Site of a relatively recent Technocalypse, resembling the one on Old Earth (in some ways)

Vela Immunity
Image from Anders Sandberg
Representative symbol of the Vela Immunity. The original symbol of the Swallowflight Biosphere is circled by a blue band representing the protective band of Blue Goo. Originally the logo was the logo of the Immunity project fighting the swarms, but later it was adapted with slight modifications to form the government logo.

In 8100 the newly settled world of Swallowflight in the Vela Supernova nebula suffered a major technocalypse, nearly destroying the entire biosphere. A virulent form of bionano khaki goo appeared, seemingly from nowhere, and severely damaged the newly-introduced ecology on this partly terraformed world, also attacking the biological population. Almost simultaneously a second wave of hylonano weapons attacked the technosphere, hampering defence efforts.

The survivors developed new blue goo defenses and fought back, hence the name of the culture. In the aftermath it became clear that the true reason for the disaster was the sloppiness of the Nanotech Review Boards and the rest of the government. As a counter-reaction an extremely firm belief in the need of proper planning and execution became a cornerstone of the new Immunity culture. The Immunity expanded both politically and bureaucratically, until it in 8154 joined the Negentropy Alliance as an autonomous sub-volume. It is widely regarded as the most bureaucratic and rigid house in the present era.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 12 December 2001.