Normidic Machinophyle Supercluster
Making the Grade
Image from John B

2nd through 5th toposophic Panvirtuality member-empire that developed from the local ai ecology in the volume around YTS 2190 751 6 (Norma Outer Sector) in the 4950's, although the area was settled by relativistic von Neumann machines as long ago as 3716.

By 5500 it had become a large empire, overlapping with Negentropist, Keterist, and STC space, and appropriating all unclaimed and non-aligned star systems (mostly red and brown dwarfs, although a few K type stars as well), and converting them (along any unfortunate biont, cyborg, and vec sophonts that refused to vacate) into dyson nodes. However, relations remained good with the Sephirotics in the region, the Tragadi Accords were obeyed to the letter, and no angelnetted or aligned world or system was ever attacked.

In 6513 a possibly dysfunctional ascension of a number of linked nodes led to a high toposophic Perversity-Blight known as the Hyperutilization Supremacy. Although the Supercluster was able to seal off the affected nodes by closing the wormhole termini, the result was that it was left isolated and fragmented. Much of the Supercluster was lost in the war that followed between the Central Alliance (which the Machinophyle Supercluster joined) and the Supremacy

Currently the Supercluster is only a minor regional power with no more than five wormhole-linked M-star dyson nodes. However, since 9485 ey have been sending out neumanns and linelayers towards the Sagittarius and inner arms, in the hope of establishing new remote subnodes.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 09 December 2001.