Tragadi Accords

Tragadi Accords
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The Tragadi Accords represent one of the greatest landmark agreements among the various sentient beings of the various civilizations. Growing out of the turmoil that resulted from the unfortunate Incident at Tragadi Gap, they have guided the deep-space relations of the various meta-empires and their attendant polities for thousands of years.

Tragadi Accords

The Accords ara a series of protocols and regulations outlining the expected behaviours and interactions among sentients from the various civilizations when they encounter each other in deep space. The Accords are intended to prevent the summary destruction or subversion of lesser minds, particularly organic minds, if and when they unexpectedly encounter a member of another civilization that may be indifferent or hostile to biont life.

The signatories to the Accords, which include virtually all recognized polities in the known universe with the exception of the Amalgamation, the Xeon, the Efficiency Maximization Paradigm, and a number of other rogue polities and empires, agree to the following stipulations:

1) Interstellar space beyond the gravitational focus of a stellar body (or one light-day in the case of sub-stellar bodies such as brown dwarves) is neutral territory open to the passage of all entities regardless of their affiliation or consciousness substrate. Exception may be made if an entity or entities registers a claim to a particular region of space with the relevant galactographic institutes, departments or sub-minds via the Known Net.

2) That within the gravitational focus of a stellar body (approx. 550 standard AUs for a star like Sol) or one light day in the case of sub-stellar bodies such as brown dwarves), any sentient or polity may lay claim to the body in question and all matter and energy in its environs. Said claim to be registered with the relevant galactographic institutes, departments or sub-minds via an announcement broadcast thru the Known Net.

3) That within an area with a registered claim of ownership on file, the controlling sentient(s) may enact whatever policy eir sees fit in regards to other minds entering into the claimed territory without prior permission.

4) That no sentient or group of sentients may invite or otherwise fraudulently induce other sentients into an area of eir control with the intent of causing harm or restricting mental or physical freedoms in any way.

5) That if sentients from different mental levels encounter each other within the environs of an unclaimed system or interstellar body, the entity or entities possessed of greater physical or mental capacity may not attempt to summarily destroy or otherwise harm those possessed of lesser capacity. Rather the sentient or sentients possessed of greater capacity must issue fair warning to the other sentient grouping of the necessity of their removing themselves from the environ out to a minimum distance of 550 AU or one light-day (as applicable) within some specified time period. Further the warning sentients must allow sufficient time for those warned to initiate their departure from the area and achieve the required distance within the limitations of their available technology and/or mental level. If or when the warned party has removed itself beyond the limiting distance as set out in the Accord, it may be considered to be in neutral territory and may not be harmed or destroyed unless it again returns within the environs of the body in question.

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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 29 December 2002.