Incident at Tragadi Gap

Incident which led to the establishment of the Tragadi Accords

Image from Steve Bowers
R'mull and the Tragadi Gap

Tragadi Gap

Gap in the ring system of the gas giant R'mull in the H'le'rull system. Similar to the Cassini Division in the Saturnian ring system of Sol system.

Incident at Tragadi Gap

In 3408 a.t. the Utopian mobile habitat Bounty of Stars entered the then unclaimed system of H'le'rull on a routine stop to both explore the R'mull ring system and recalibrate its drive systems. The habitat took up orbit just above the R'mull ring system and in close proximity to Tragadi Gap.

While the Bounty was thus engaged a probeship belonging to a sub-polity of the Panvirtuality also entered the system. The controlling intelligence of the probe summarily claimed the system as its own, disabled the drive systems of the habitat and proceeded to employ the habitat's population (approx. one half million near-baseline sentients and turingrade ais) in a series of experiments in pain threshold overloading and psycho-social restructuring. Although the probe attempted to block all external communication systems, the Bounty's controlling mind managed to punch an encoded signal thru to the nearby system of Emrega.

When the message from Tragadi Gap reached the Utopia Sphere some 12 years later, it nearly resulted in a war. Seraphim armed with godtech weapons took up positions around the H'le'rull system and ordered that any remains of the habitats inhabitants be turned over immediately and that the probeship's controlling mind be turned over to the Utopia Sphere for trial and erasure. Forces from the Panvirtuality responded in kind and it was only by the intervention of several of the major empires including Keter, TRHN and elements of the Objectivist Commonwealth that escalation to all out deity-level warfare was avoided.

To prevent such events from occurring in the future, a conference was arranged at the edge of the H'le'rull system and the series of agreements and treaties that would come to be called the Tragadi Accords were eventually drafted.

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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 29 December 2002.