Eden house
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Habitat building in Morkraimu-style on Eden. Although the architect herself did not create more than seven buildings on the planet and two habitats in orbit, she inspired generations of Edenite architects when designing arcologies for the equatorial jungles. This one, Kutebati, was constructed in 5950 by Clearminda of Lattir and restored in 6848, 7344 and 9599.

Eden - Data Panel

StarGliese 785
Stellar TypeK0V
Distance from Sol28.739 light years
Affiliation:Independent (affiliated informally with the Solar Dominion)
Eden (the fourth planet around the star Gliese 785) is one of the earliest and closest life-bearing worlds to be colonized. It was settled by fleeing heterodox tweaks, who set up a fairly utopian society run by symbiotic AIs - everybody had their own "guardian angel" which if necessary could pool together to act as The Voice of Eden. This symbiotic scheme has since been used elsewhere with great success, although usually the people just become puppets run by the AI sphere - perhaps not the desired result.

When other escaping groups, especially the cyborgs, arrived and did not want to participate in the earlier Eden society, several conflicts ensued (the "Eden gate wars"), but eventually they were forced to live in orbit. Borde, founder of the Solarist religion, was born in one of these orbital habitats.

Eden Ring
Image from Anders Sandberg
The Eden Ring, a ring of loosely connected habitats in orbit around the planet
Even in later centuries Eden never became part of the mighty Solar Dominion, but it still reaped great rewards by being the Birthplace of the God-Emperor. It has used its age and position to turn itself into a kind of galactic Switzerland. It is staunchly neutral but very happy to house negotiations, banking and trade, and protected by the seraiph of the Lord of Rays but also a few competing powers.

This world was home to a number of research institutes, such as the Eden institute of Xenoscience, and the Neurotechnology Institute of Lattir where an early form of Engenerator technology was developed.

The seventh world, Ananda, is host to a clade of Mirrored Owls distributed among specially designed artificial organisms called Flitters.

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