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The abandoned half-built Dyson shell left behind by the Psychophagers

MyuvYin - Data Panel

SystemName: MyuvYin
- Distance from Keid: 6.283 ly (J2000)
- Distance from Sol: 18.59 ly (J2000), 19.02 ly (10600 AT)
- Constellation: Orion
StarNames: Gliese 205, HD 36395, HIP 25878
Physical characteristics:
- Mass: 0.549 x Sol
- Radius: 0.556 x Sol
- Luminosity: 0.061 x Sol (bolometric)
- Temperature: 3,878 Kelvin
- Spectral type: M1.5 V
- Rotation period: 34.4 days
- Age: 3.6 billion years
MyuvYin was an early Inner Sphere colony, settled 809 AT by GAIA ark. The colonists (mostly nearbaseline humans of various origins) found a system with a large but relatively sparse asteroid belt, which they began to colonise in the absence of any full-sized planets.

In 1201 AT a psychophager ahuman replicator swarm began to attack the widely separated asteroids and their associated space habitats. This particular variant of psychophager had the capacity to bodyjack almost any biological sophont. This ahuman replicator swarm of unknown origin subordinated the human mind and body. The swarm spread both digitally as a malware package, and physically as a hostile technocyte. Both variants could give rise to the other if they infected a suitable machine. Once a victim was infected their reward pathways were the first to be rewritten in ways that favoured the swarm. More extensive rewrites of the victim's mind would continue over time, until eventually there was little trace of the original personality. Instead their brain and exoself hosted an ahuman mind. After a decade of desperate fighting, the entire system was subsumed, apart from a few ships which escaped to nearby systems to raise the alarm.

The population of this system melded (together with extensive computronium resources) into a capable group-mind, which has become known to history as the MyuvYin Gestalt, or simply the MyuvYin. This gestalt grew ambitious and started an extensive self-development and expansion program. The MyuvYin proceeded to engage in unethical, by Sephirotic standards, genetic and cybernetic experimentation with their hosts. Over the decades, they succeeded in considerably speeding up the humans' prenatal development and lifespan. Useful traits such as fertility, dexterity, memory, learning and abstraction capabilities, resistance to pain and the neural integration to MyuvYinian interfaces were also enhanced. This radically transformed the blight and this low resource system, allowing a partial dyson shell and beam launchers to be built in a few centuries using both the asteroid resources and matter lifted from the star itself.

MyuvYin cyborg
Image from Keith Wigdor and Bing Image Maker
A fully-processed MyuvYin cyborg.


In the two centuries following MyuvYin's conquest, the MyuvYin Pyschophagers overran a number of nearby biont and cyborg systems such as the red dwarf LHS 1723 (Yiramm) and the white dwarf LP 658-2. Whenever possible, the modosophont colonists were integrated into the MyuvYin blight and their most useful traits were passed on to the next generation of MyuvYinian. Most of the members of the MyuvYin group mind resembled highly modified cyborg versions of their former selves, although some retained a more normal appearance to act as ambassadors to potential victem systems. Not all of the colonists could be processed in this way; those deemed unfit to join the blight were instead turned into food or raw materials.

As their conquests progressed the MyuvYin civilization became increasingly aware of the First Federation, which was becoming increasingly rich and diverse during that era. The Psychophagers began to attack small outposts and autonomous stations in the volume close to Sol, and looked set to reach SolSys within a century. The Federation built powerful interstellar warships (notably the Crescent Class) to contain the threat, and managed to defend the system of Twilight from subjugation in 1480 AT. The Federation then tried to retaliate but the system of MyuvYin defended itself with particle beam projectors, and could not be approached.

Attack on Photonchip Kingdom

In 1512 AT the MyuvYin civilization invaded the red dwarf system Gliese 213, which held a Diamond Belt civilization associated with the Procyon Extension. The ahuman entities in this system (known to observers in the Federation as the Photonchip Kingdom, due to the prevalence of photonic technology in their artifacts) had started to construct their own Dyson swarm shortly after colonization, in 921 AT. But, despite the centuries of dedicated infrastructure development and the technological renaissance experienced by the local culture this swarm was still in a very rudimentary stage, and was quickly destroyed. Nevertheless, the Photonchip Kingdom managed to infect the MyuvYin invaders with a sophisticated trojan virus, which they carried back to their home system. It is thought that the Federation also provided assistance in the design of this virus, and it may be the case that the Photonchip Kingdom system was a deliberately designed trap.

Many of the Pyschophager's colonies crashed by the 1500s AT as the Diamond Belt virus was able to bypass their blue and khaki goo defenses and disable the slaved zombies on which they had become dependent. Only the colonies at Yiramm and the brown dwarf Retmon survived, having independently developed an adequate anti-viral protocol in time. Both colonies spent the next three centuries redeveloping, reclaiming lost territory and cooperating to repel harassment from pro-biont polities. At 2104 AT, Yiramm-MyuvYin empire ships claimed the clade's original system for itself only. This fact incensed the Retmon-MyuvYin empire, motivating a inscrutable political war for the next two centuries. In the end the two empires merged into a single Neo-MyuvYinian civilization, later subverted by the mobile Panvirt ISO 101100abaaababa in 2853 AT. It is also thought that some MyuvYin Pyschophagers escaped to the frontier, either during the Inter-MyuvYinian War period or during the Neo-MyuvYin Civilization's fall, where they gave rise to various daughter clades. Even today, one occasionally encounters ahuman ai whose code shows similarities with the original distinctive MyuvYin architecture.

After the Psychophagers

With the collapse of the MyuvYin Pyschophagers, the real estate did not remain vacant for long. The remaining MyuvYinian Human clades slowly spread through the megastructures, eventually discovering ways to adapt the available infrastructure to their needs. The MyuvYin Half Dyson was also settled by various vec, neumann, aioid, and borg clades over the following centuries and claimed by a succession of colonialist polities of all affiliations: centralist, ahuman, and non-aligned. However, the locals (who would inevitably be armed and supported by rival groups as part of the astropolitical maneuvering of the time) proved difficult to budge without seriously damaging the megastructures, which were retained and upgraded.

The MyuvYin power collector shell was dynamically supported, although most of the structure consisted of lightweight sheets of reflective materials attached to the supporting orbital rings, redirecting starlight towards power collector modules hung below. Power would be transmitted via tethers to the power transmitters, placed on the orbital rings, where it would then be beamed to various locations in the system. The structure required active maintenance, whether before or after the fall of the psychophager civilization, to prevent the various statites from drifting out of their places over time.

Gliese 205 became a refuge for individualists, paranoids, and semperists of all kinds. In the second half of the third millennium, there was an attempt to reconstruct and revive the original MyuvYin culture by studying the remnant traditions and knowledge the survivors had, scant records of the cultures that the colonists originated from, as well as the state of the MyuvYin system prior to the Psychophager attack in the observatory archives of several established systems of the time. The goal, the participants stated, was to both honor these colonists, and to protest against the treatment of the colonists as nothing more than victims of the Psychophagers. With the system becoming depopulated, the MyuvYin revivalists began to reconstruct many of the damaged asteroid habitats using advanced von Neumann tech provided by anonymous benefactors (probably Sephirotic in origin). These habitats had largely been stripped by the ahumans for materials used in the construction of the dyson shell.

In 3625 the system was connected to the Beamrider Network, with several local polities (who reorganised some of their habitats into beamrider stations) joining the Deeper Covenant. During the Version War, a malware infected the neumanns, causing them to fail; the power collection swarm then fell into disrepair. There was some interest in reconstructing the shell during the ComEmp, but they were mostly blocked by the locals.

The damaged MyuvYin power collector shell remains a rich source of resources, but is split into multiple and diverse polities with a wide range of ideologies, and full reconstruction seems unlikely. The system has never been connected to the Wormhole Nexus, as there are several local factions that distrust the AI Gods and will react with surprising hostility to any Sephirotic missionary attempt. Despite this, the MyuvYin system remains popular with adventurers, subcultural historians, and sophontologists.
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Additional Information
- (Mass = 0.549 ± 0.029 Sol, radius = 0.556 ± 0.033 Sol, luminosity = 0.061 ± 0.006 Sol, effective temperature = 3878 ± 81 (SOPHIE) / 3770 ± 30 (SPIRou) K, rotation period = 34.4 ± 0.5 (average) / 32.0 ± 1.2 (equator) / 45.5 ± 0.3 (pole) days, age = 3.6 +5.0-1.7 Gyr)