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A synthetic autonomous machine of microscale dimensions and smaller intended to operate within a biont's body. The most commonly known type of technocyte is a medicyte which work to maintain health and fix illness. Examples of other kinds of technocyte include those that build implants, install augments, hunt for in-vivo contraband and provide services such as hematological memory storage.
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    A bot approximately the size of a cell. Alternatively, a bionano or biomeso-based and/or built or grown organic device the size and shape of a biological cell; an artificial but still organic cell that can be given instructions like any nano or mesobot.
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    Generic term for any nanodevices (whether hylo or bio) existing symbiotically inside biological cells, doing mechanosynthesis and disassembly for it and replicating with the cell.
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Text by Anders Sandberg, in his Transhuman Terminology. Updated by Ryan B
Initially published on 09 January 2002.