One who studies religion and the nature of deity, whether natural or supernatural.

Theologians are often very diverse in their interests and orientation, depending on what sort of deity they study. Some specialize in religious philosophy and metaphysics, some in archailectology, and some in the revelations of gods and avatars. While some theologians differ widely according to their particular doctrinal approach, choice of sephirotic or noetic, and concepts concerning the nature of deity (natural and/or supernatural) and Eir relation to the universe, others are very broad and multi-denominational, embracing a great many religions, memeticities, and beliefs, and an entire pantheons of archailects, but even these specialize in matters pertaining to their own religious belief.

Theologians may be baseline, nearbaseline, bioborg, cyborg, even vec or ai, and use databases and expert systems to store encyclopaedic terabytes of information on religious philosophy and doctrine, the nature of the spirit or soul, eschatology, ethical behavior and instruction, religious history, important founders and figures of all the important religions, although always specializing in their own, proselytism, didactics, sociology of religion, comparative religion, mysticism, and xenoreligion. Some important centers of theology are Graylag (in the Negentropy Alliance, hosting the largest population of theologians in the known galaxy), Tycho City Solsys (home of the Universalist Church), the Buddhist ashrams of Proxima Centauri Oort Cloud, and the Monastery Habitats of the Reformed Old Catholic Church (nearbaseline).
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev, from original entry by Robert J. Hall
Initially published on 09 January 2002.