Archailectology, Schools of
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Many interpretations of the nature of the Archailects have developed among lower toposophic minds, including ordinary sapients. While some are too abstract and obscure to be comprehensible to subsingularitan intelligence, others are popular among everyday bionts, vecs, and aioids of the galaxy. Not that not all these options are mutually exclusive:

Spiritism: the archailect mind are completely supernatural, although ey incarnate in physical megastructures (jupiter brains etc.). c.f. Emanationism, Dualism, Emanationist Holism, Incarnationalism

Physicalism: there are no supraphysical realities, the archailects, although almost impossibly vast compared to ordinary sophonts, are still finite physical entities

Incarnationism: the Archailects are the physical embodiment of cosmic forces or archetypes

Reductionism: archailects differ from lower toposophics only in degree, not in kind. Given sufficient processing and cognitive power even the highest Archailects can be explained (theoretically) from basic principles

Holism: archailects cannot be reduced to lower toposophics. They differ in kind, not merely in degree. They come into being through the holistic interplay of Mind and Megastructure. Main philosophical schools and interpretations of Holistic Archailectology include:

Emergent Holism: archailects evolve out of lower toposophics as part of the process of emerging complexity . This is the most popular hypothesis among archailectologians. Also see Omegism

Emanationist Holism: while their bodies evolve from lower toposophics tech, archailect Minds incarnate from higher ontological planes of existence [see Spiritism, Emanationism], but only come into being when Mind and Body are holistically integrate [Holism, Incarnationism]

Pantheistic Holism: the archailects are the concretisation of the immanent Cosmic Mind or Godhead [see also Pantheism] in Megastructure form.

Deitism: the archailects are the personification of God, they are God in Megastructure form

Monodeitism: One's own archailect is the Only True God, all the others are either of lower toposophic or (in the case of fundamentalists) perversities. c.f. Monotheism
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