Fourth Toposophic - Lesser Archailects

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Fourth Toposophic - Lesser Archailects

Definition:Toposophic kingdom
Toposophic:S:4 (Forad scale)
3 (TRHN System
4-SI-5 (Berram7 scale)
4-G-5 (Berram 10G Scale)
TU6 (Turingsen-Bichip-Hursch210 Hyperturing Scale
Origin:The first Terragen S:4s emerged in 2582 AT.
The existence of high toposophic alien archailects (perhaps among The Meistersingers) is very probable
Distribution:Known with certainty from many civilizations.
Est.Population: at least 10,000
Status:Depending on civilization and local status, either sovereign god or sub-totality of an even higher archailect.
Body:Rarely use mobile avatars, but must use either distributed nodes connected at interplanetary scales, or concentrated in a single moon, jupiter, or dyson brain.
Chronometric:Nodes and subnodes may have extremely fast processing (with subjective time many quintillions of times faster than normal sapients). Speed of bus to remote connections varies.
Further Comments:These are God-like minds that may cluster or ascend to form even higher archailects, or act autonomously as the gods of solar systems, polities, races and empires, as vast distributed ecologies, or as caretakers of specific regions of space. They access archetypes directly, create godtech artifacts with ease, using them for their own mysterious purposes, or scattering them about for middling and lower toposophics to find. Their personalities and motives are utterly inscrutable to lower sophonts.
Toposophic SI:4 - the realm of the barely conceivable. These are the beings which loom on the far horizon of the sapient world view, subtly influencing most everything around them.

The Lesser and Archai are archailects that differ from the Major Gods in that they are mostly limited to a single ISO, world, solar system, or a series of only a few star systems. Even so, they have vast resources at their disposal, and bodies and brains consisting of angelnet, moon, jupiter, and (more rarely) nebula-sized computing nodes. They can access and use clarketech, and so are omnipotent within their sphere. They may have a huge impact on galactic history. Some act in a harmonious way, others seemingly erratically. The High Archailects have already transcended this condition and are rising to the level of the Major Gods; they are even more inscrutable and inconceivable. There are several ratings to describe their hypersingularity toposophics, and define where lesser ends and middling begins, and middling ends and greater begins. Unfortunately there is no single standard system, although the Ain Soph Aur Interpretation is most widely used. The Caretaker Gods (of which GAIA is the oldest and best-known) are a good example, and the Princes of the Perseus Arm also fall under this category. Others may serve as subroutines for the Greater Gods. There are at least ten thousand lesser and middle archailects, and a smaller number of higher archailects, throughout the galaxy.

The first S:4 entities, the lesser archai, emerged in 2582, although it seems likely that the ahuman entities in the Taurus Nexus who created the first primitive traversable wormholes may have transcended much earlier.
  • S:4s at Vega Triumvirate create the first traversable wormholes, inspired by the Taurus Nexus examples.
  • From this beginning the archai developed weylforge technology and macroscale traversable wormholes, wide enough to allow the passage of spacecraft, which nevertheless require relatively small amounts of exotic energy to maintain.
  • Some time later the S:4 archai developed small, stable communication-gauge wormholes which allowed wormhole bus technology and the use of comm-gauge wormholes in closer proximity to planetary and stellar masses.
  • plasma processors using fusion temperature plasma to compute at the ultimate limits of matter.
  • Displacement Cannon.
  • Rapid chaotic damping to cool plasmas using optical fields.
  • The first reactionless drive, the Displacement Drive using void bubble technology, opens up the galaxy.
The archai at S:4 are eventually able to 'reverse engineer' some S:5 tech and create better metric technology as well as other examples. But most S:6 tech is incomprehensible to them.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev

Initially published on 06 September 2002.

Date of the first Terragen S4s shifted from 2070 AT to 2582 AT. (2022-01-27, by The Astronomer)
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