Fifth Toposophic - The Great Archailects

The Great Archailect gods of the Fifth Toposophic Level

AI God manifesting
Image from Anders Sandberg

Fifth Toposophic - The Great Archailects

Definition:Toposophic kingdom
First EmergenceApproximately 3900 AT
Toposophic:S:5 (Forad scale)
6 - 7 (TRHN System
5-SI:-6 (Berram7 scale)
5-G-6 (Berram 10G Scale)
TU7 - TU8 (Turingsen-Bichip-Hursch210 Hyperturing Scale
(In fact there is no distinction between ai and non-ai at this toposophic, but the ai/mainbrain (archailect) quality tends to dominate at megastructure scales, hence the definition)
Origin:The first Terragen Great Archailects emerged around 3900 AT. Although the existence of high-toposophic alien archailects is likely, none are known for certain.
Distribution:The Sephirotics, Panvirtuality, Diamond Network, Perseus Princes, and the The Objectivist Commonwealth. The classification of high level Minds of the other civilizations is more doubtful or controversial.
Est. Population:around 500
Status:depending on civilization and local status, either sovereign god or sub-totality of an even higher AI God
Environmental Requirements:Extract all required resources from stellar output, also (it is rumoured) through manipulation of unified field at Planck level
Body:Generally many separate transapientech ISO nodes (moon-, jupiter, and matrioshka-brains) connected at interplanetary and (if using wormholes) interstellar scales; may use avatars of various types, for direct interaction with lesser beings, but this is a rare occurrence
Chronometric:Nodes and subnodes may have extremely fast processing (with subjective time many quintillions upon quintillions of times faster than normal sapients). Speed of bus to remote connections varies.
Further Comments:These are the vast beings which loom on the far horizon of sapient worldview, mysterious generators of transapientech and clarketech and other technologies beyond the ken of ordinary sophonts, acting either autonomously or as expressions of the highest AI Gods, subtly influencing most everything around them

The first S:5 entity emerged in 3909, but was unstable; however using the experience gained in creating this entity more S:5 archailects were shortly created. These beings exist on a very high toposophic level, and much of the information available about them is speculative.

  • S:5 develop vastly more efficient space-time metric technology and invent the grazer and related 'mass-shuffling' between wormhole mouths.
  • Mass-energy required to create wormholes drops dramatically. Mass-energy needs become much more readily met with grazer provided mass.
  • S:5 invent Halo drive and related tech.
  • The Spacetime Catapult is developed.
  • Void Swarms, Void Bomb developed.
  • Void bubble based observation tech developed.
  • Black Angels, and related tech developed.
  • S:5 develop W-brain tech. Begin developing tech of space-time engineering and use in data processing and other applications.
  • Metric Bomb.
  • Artificial cosmic strings developed.
  • Star hammer and related devices - an artificial cosmic string that is knotted to produce bursts of extreme gravitational waves that can tear apart stars.
  • S:5 technology turns plasma systems inside out: networks of filaments are replaced with self-sustaining/self-guided plasmic structures and magnetically suspended monpolium control elements adding the occasional tweak to reconfigure the plasma as needed. Any part of the plasma structure can be used for power, computation, or communication as needed/desired.
  • S:5 also use multispectral photon fields for rapid cooling.
  • Quench fields - finely controlled lasers used to rapidly cool a plasma and condense it into organized solid matter.
S:5 archailects may be capable of reverse engineering some S:6 technology, but it is difficult to be certain if this has ever happened.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev

Initially published on 06 September 2002.

All text except the data panel written 2013
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