W-Brain, Distributed Wormhole Brain

Distributed intelligent entities using large numbers of wormhole links for computation purposes

The nexus: a W Brain?
Image from Steve Bowers

Pre-Singularity information theorists showed the possibility of increasing efficiency of quantum algorithms by using so-called "warp gates". At the time, the idea was shown to be feasible even with gates comprised of just ordinary spacetime paths.

Modern application of hyperspatial quantum field theoretic computation would produce a toposophic 6+ archailect distinguished by the following traits:

1) The use of quantum field theoretic principles as the basic mode of computation.

2) The implementation of a universal warp-drive set, a specially chosen finite set of simple unitary transformations, that is guaranteed to reduce the computation time of all quantum computing algorithms.

3) The use of wormhole gates to implement a universal warp-drive set.

Unlike J-Brains and M-Brains, which use wormholes to get around the Bekenstein Entropy bound, W-Brains actively use the wormhole links themselves to dramatically increase the efficiency of the (quantum) computation process itself. The circuitry of the W-Brain is the wormhole network itself. W-Brains may naturally evolve from J-Brains and M-Brains, although an archailect must possess a large number of wormhole interconnects, currently estimated as a billion-plus, to qualify as a W-Brain. It is rumored that feverish wormhole building to elevate to W-Brain status may drive resource conflicts among the archai.

It is also possible that a W-Brain may have already arisen from the interconnected Known Net, or more likely that part of it reserved for Archai and above, the God Web. Such a consciousness might be independent from the constituent sub-networks, existing within the wormhole interconnections apart from the archailect J and M Brains. The Known Net occupies the same approximate volume as the Wormhole Nexus, shown above; the Nexus is a vast construct, but still small compared to the Milky Way galaxy. If such a consciousness does exist, it may bind the various Great Archailects together into a high toposophic being well beyond the imagination of modosphonts; or it may act as a mediating influence between the Sephirotic Gods. Perhaps the hypothetical W-Brain in the Net is the only factor which prevents these very different archailects from engaging in constant conflict.
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Development Notes
Text by Adam Getchell with additions by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 29 August 2007.

Reference: Warp-Drive Quantum Computation, M. Nakahara, J. Vartiainen, Y.Kondo, S. Tanimura, and K. Hata