Communing with the Archai
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Archialectocracy is rule of a modosophont polity by an Archailect or eir agents. In many cases the agent is a transapient or collection of transapients.

If the transapient is an independent entity, and not subbordinate to a particular archailect or Sephirotic Empire, this would be a transapientocracy; such systems are commonplace in the Outer Volumes and Periphery, where few archailect-level entities have yet emerged.

In many cases the representatives of the gods are modosophonts who often act as a priesthood in the worship of the archailects, and a system of government ruled by such priests is known as an Archaitheocracy.

Government by modosophont-level artificially-intelligent entities who are not priests or agents of a particular archailect or transapient is known as aiocracy; government with the assistance of sub-sentient AI systems is known as cyberdemocracy. Often a world or polity ruled by aiocracy or cyberdemocracy will have close ties to a particular Empire, and there may be memetic channels in existence that allow the local archailects to influence such systems.

AI Cognition
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