Important Metasoft Baseline Reserve World

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Name: JD 836902
Distance from Sol: 786 ly
Type: G1V
LuminosityE 1.45 x Sol
Constellation: Taurus

Mesto: Radius 9399; Period 0.10895 standard years; SemiMajorAxis 0.2342 AU; Tidally locked.
Alto: Radius 3567; Period 0.564 standard years; SemiMajorAxis 0.69 AU; Obliquity 0.08 degrees; daylength 76 standard hours.
Niuearth: Radius 6938; Period 1.077 standard years; SemiMajorAxis 1.06 AU; Obliquity 21 degrees; daylength 29 standard hours.
Largo: Radius 72009; Period 15.9 standard years; SemiMajorAxis 6.42 AU; daylength 16.99 standard hours.
Multo: Radius 81101; Period 25.3 standard years; SemiMajorAxis 8.77 AU; daylength 13 standard hours.

This world was originally colonized and terraformed in 2998 by the Colbartists, a group of humans and cyborgs who wished to live without hyperturing supervision. The world was already very Earth-like, but warmer than comfortable, a situation that was remedied using Type 1 Weather Machines. However the political situation on the world quickly collapsed, and the world was briefly annexed by the NoCoZo, then by the Taurus Nexus.

Following the Consolidation Wars and the breakup of the Taurus Nexus, Niuearth fell into Metasoft hands, and has been maintained ever since as a safe haven for human baselines and nearbaselines.

The Metasoft biontogenist Dimimimon4 was responsible for the radical augmentation of a small population of baseline humans, including Lucas (Luc) Jordan; these were relocated to the planet Rimmar, where they became the Lucjordanians. Jordan became a full superior and a charismatic leader of the Lucjordanian House.

In the ComEmp era a faction of Mortalists emerged here and on Earthland, the start of a movement which led to the establishment of several more baseline reserves in the Metasoft Outer Volumes. Many of the first settlers on these reserve worlds were Mortalists from Niuearth and Earthland, people who wished to live in the same way their ancestors once had back on Old Earth.

The rise of the Teleological Tendency in the Metasoft Outer Volumes led to the Second Vec war. Niuearth was not directly involved in this conflict, although the few remaining Mortalists were subject to suspicion and close surveillance at this time.
Image from Bernd Helfert
The 2,174th Biannual Baseline Human Parade down Federation Plaza on the Metasoft World of Niuearth (a baseline Reserve). All baselines march nude, to show their bodies free of from all augmentation and non-baseline genmodification. A number of Metasoft vecs march alongside in solidarity, while traffic wardens fly overhead
In the Current Era Niuearth has good wormhole links with the rest of the Terragen Sphere and is an entirely open society, although the population still includes a significant number of baseline humans, often engaged in experimental psychology and historical re-enactments.

Image from Steve Bowers
Multo, the largest planet in this system, home to many Metasoft vec colonies
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