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The Lucjordanians are a Clade/House of augmented baselines descended from Lucas ("Luc") Jordan, one of the original baseline humans of Niuearth (Metasoft) that had been modified by Dimimimon4 and relocated to Rimmar (Metasoft) in the 3980s. While most of the former Niuearthians found the civilized galaxy too confusing, and eventually migrated to Beta Arae (Utopia Sphere) or Tar Vara (MPA), Jordan and his friends made use of the resources the galaxy had to offer, and continued the augmentation begun by Dimimimon4. While some ended up as Sooboos, Jordan himself was more restrained and careful, and by 4026 had became a well-adapted pre-superior.

In 4274, Lucas Jordan and 35 of his clonechildren and clonegrandchildren formed the Friends of Dimimimon4, and petitioned the Rimmar Administration Mind to look into their old benefactor's case. The Mind, while polite and friendly, showed little interest, citing Version Tree Protocol Regulations. The Friends of Dimimimon4 found they had more success in the Solar Dominion, where in the 4290s — as part of the propaganda intensive that would later lead to the Version War — Dimimimon4 was made a minor cause celebre. Under diplomatic pressure, the lower toposophic levels of the Version Tree Intermediate Nodes agreed to release Dimimimon4 to the Dominion.

Early in the war, the Lucjordanians were frequent visitors and companions to Dimimimon4, but the two later parted ways. It is often said that Jordan disapproved of the templates for some of the clades Dimimimon4 was working on, but Zar Jordan himself later denied this, saying the differences were simply "of a personal nature".

In 4812 Zar Jordan became a full superior. This led to a split between the majority early (sub-superior) and minority later (superior) clones, which in turn became two distinct subclades, called the Actual Lucjordanians and the Authentic Lucjordanians respectively. During the following years there was a lot of bad feeling between these two groups, with numerous attempts at violence thwarted by the local angelnets. In an attempt to narrow the augmentation gap, many Actual Lucjordanians rushed independently to ascend to Superior, although in their haste large numbers became sooboos which led to a large group (not an actual clade) called the Sooboojordanians.

With the opening up of many new territories in the later and immediately post-ComEmp Period, most of Lucjordanians (which includes Actual, Authentic, and Sooboo) migrated outwards, where they gave rise to further clades, including the Nuilucjordanians ("nuilucs"), the Sulucjordanians ("sulucs"), Soolucjordanians ("soolucs", with a longer "oo" sound than in "suluc"), the Perseus Lucjordanians ("perlucs"), and the Sylucjordanians ("sylucs" - who, despite their name, have only minimal synano modification). All these clades are quite similar, and difficult to tell apart by outsiders. There were also several more heavily cyborged forms, and an entire Amalgamised population, but nothing is known of these of late, and none are considered real Lucjordanians.

All Authentic Lucjordanians consider the Zar Lucas Jordan alpha (who extended his life through nanostasis and careful non-overwrite augmentation) to be an Avatar of the Lord of Rays, second in importance only to the God Emperor Eir Holiness Daniel Borde. This view is not shared by the Actual Lucjordanians (whether pre-su, sooboo, or su subclades), all of whom say that the original Lucas Jordan ascended to heaven / entered nirvana / was Uploaded into the Main Dominion Nodes (depending on the local memetic preference) before attaining su-status. All Lucjordanians - whether Actual or Authentic, hold Dimimimon4 in the highest esteem, calling em "The Saintly One" and "The Lightbringer".

In the Dominion as a whole, the Lucjordanians are considered just one more small clade, their sooboos the unfortunate example of too hurried an augmentation, and the blasphemy of the Authentic Lucjordanians a harmless eccentricity. (The Solarese are much more tolerant about these matters than the Negentropists). The total number of all Lucjordanians in the Civilized Galaxy is currently estimated to be approximately 2 million, 99.8% of which are clone children of their exemplars. The fate of the Zar Lucas Jordan alpha is not known, as e has not been heard of since connection with the wormhole to Farsan in the Perseus Rift (where he was organizing a local clonebranch) was lost in 10189 due to a regional blight.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 16 September 2004.