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Dimimimon4 is a specialised guardian entity belonging to the Metasoft Version Tree. Originally a transavant entity dedicated to protecting human baseline entities in the Version Tree's baseline reserve worlds, e later became a Solar Dominion biontogenist, 3512-5126 AT.

Dimimimon4 was assembled in 3512 a.t among the first batch of TU2/3 (superturing-hyperturing savant) "series 2" biont-guardian (baseline care) marshals (reg.serial no. 451209-8) at the baseline reserve Niuearth. It was hoped that the "series 2" guardians, with their great empai subroutines, would be more effective than the "series 1". And although Dimimimon4 and eir siblings originally fulfilled eir office better than expected, and were much loved by the baselines under eir care, beginning in the 3780's with the upgrade to the v.18 Version Tree Operating System, certain eccentricities began to develop among them, such as giving advice on interior decorating, and interfering (admittedly only minimally and constructively) in local council politics. Following a Version Tree patch these quirks were corrected.

But in 3861 Dimimimon4 without authorisation altered the medical nano settings to enhance the capacities of a large number of eir baselines. Not only did this have the effect of changing them to nearbaseline (provisional pre-superior) status, but reversing the change (using geneprint records) was shown to have negative psychological effects. The augmented baselines were relocated at Rimmar, a nearby Metasoft majority-biont system, where with a few exceptions (the most prominant among them being Lucas Jordan) they showed themselves to be utterly inept at coping with the complexities of the Civilized Galaxy. Dimimimon4 was dismissed and moved to the Depot World of Sullorchip-II, where eir only companions were a grumpy TU 3 hyperturing, a small swarm of turingrade service bots, and two bored rat provolves. As a precaution, the other "series 2"s were also retired, and lived a rather aimless life among the Version Tree worlds; or gravitated to positions of liaison with low augmented nebs and plebhus, where some can be found even today. Low scale administration and guardianship of Niuearth was handed over to the more efficient "series 3"

In 4296, as a result of a political campaign in the Solar Dominion by Lucas Jordan's Friends of Dimimimon4, in which e had become a minor but trendy popular cause, Metasoft agreed to release Dimimimon4 to the Dominion.

Over the next century Dimimimon4 and eir copy/avs spent eir time in lecture tours, exciting shocked Solarians with eir colourful tales of the primitive status of the Metasoft baselines (no retrogengineering? No cybertelepathic interface?). The thought that one would wish to keep bionts deliberately primitive was considered scandalous (and the unhappy fate of many of the ex- niuearthians conveniently ignored). With the lead up to the war priorities shifted and he was forgotten. He spent the war years in a small (by Dominion standards) but well equipped and luxurious habitat-biosociolaboratory in "Greathom", Sanalen Orbital Band, one of the orbital swarms at the Alphonse System (Solar Dominion), engaged in biontogenics, or sending avatars (and even on one occasion emself going) on lecture tours speaking of the evils of Metasoft biont-primitivism. Lucas Jordan and his clonechildren were frequent visitors and companions earlier in the war, but the two later parted ways.

Some of the clades designed by Dimimimon4 include Clade Cromag, also known as Clade Neander, and Clade Fedhead.

A common thread running through all of Dimimimon4's neogenic and pseudolazurogenic clades is that they reflected popular mythology and opinion more than authentic clioarcheological research. Although some (such as the Dominion artist Chirtiomo in eir opus Biontogenics, Art, and Commentary (10295, Art and Education Series, Corona) have suggested that this was a deliberate (albeit flawed) attempt at cryptomemegineering through self-reinforcing satire, the majority opinion has been summed up Academician Lar Biyongh (Gamma Personality) of Alexandria University, who says "Dimimimon4 simply had no understanding of the complexities of historico-sociomorphotypal criticism"

Apart from a brief period of RKKS bombardment, Alphonse emerged from the Version War relatively unscathed, and during the ComEmp period Dimimimon4 released eir clades to the galaxy. Expecting raptious acclaim, e found that even eir former Solarese patrons showed little interest, nor were his lecture tours attended by any except for a few crusty "old guard". Time and the galaxy had of course moved on, and The Dominion and the Version Tree were now friends and allies in the new Commonwealth. Dimimimon4's later centuries were rather restrained and contemplative, and in 5126 e committed voluntary deactivation.



Biontogenists are specialised gengineers or agents capable of designing new biont sophont bodytypes, especially bionts which can survive and breed in novel or challenging environments. Some biontogenists are modosophont entities, using thousands of years of accumulated genegineering skills and knowledge. However most are either transavant or transapient entities, employing extensive modelling skills and vast databases to produce the desired results.

Dimimimon4 is one of the most widely-remembered biontogenists, but there are many others who have been active in the long history of the Terragen Sphere.
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