Consolidation Wars
Battle of Erson
Image from Anders Sandberg
As Metasoft dropped four million Orbit-Ground Occupation Units onto the continent Erson, the Geminga Orthodoxy used their remaining stockpiles of antimatter to open magma chambers in the Lense range. The resulting massive eruption flooded 58% of Erson with lava, halting the OGOU advance, killing 120,000 civilians who could not be evacuated and permanently unbalancing the planetary climate. In the end it merely brought the Orthodoxy a few days of time.
A series of regional inter-megacorp and post-megacorp wars fought in the colonies between the First Federation and Integration periods, as local colonial fiefdoms and vested interests sought to secure their position.

The First Consolidation War led to the disappearance of the Taurus Nexus, and the Second (also known as the Conver Wars) led to the downfall of the Conver Ambi.

Despite misleading baseline-supremacy and other radical anti-ai propaganda, the alternative use of the term Consolidation Wars as applied to the take-over by sephirotic powers of certain large regions of space, which originated with the hyperturing historian 254 Gamma Titania, does not refer to the fact that war was necessary for the archai to take control (see however Creeping Consolidation). In fact the Archailects subverted the current order quite peacefully elsewhere in the Terragen bubble.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 24 September 2001.