Elephant Provolve world

Image from Steve Bowers

Star: JD9670012
Type: G5 IV
Luminosity: 1.15 x Sol
Distance from Sol: 720 ly
Constellation: Circinus
Colonised: 3444 AT

Terraformed Utopia Sphere planet, near the Negentropist border, is the home world of the Harrroh race of sufants, originally developed from Indian elephants. Most of the planet surface has been set aside as lightly forested parkland, with a number of cities each with several large spaceports for surface to orbit spaceplanes. Technology is primarily bionano-based. There are a number of large habitation and industrial orbitals around the planet as well as several major university-library space cities.

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    One of the most respected species of sufants, originally descended from Indian elephants. Most live on the terraformed planets of Yhrraini and Jhairrn in the (Utopia Sphere). They are widely admired as philosophers, playwrights, and artists.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 25 November 2001.