One of the oldest wildhu preserves in Terragen space

Image from Steve Bowers
Newhope City, the main population centre of this system

The oldest wildsap/wildhu preserve in Terragen space
Newhope - Data Panel

StarHip 76282
Distance from Sol120 ly, near MPA space
Right ascension15h34m52.03s
Declination1352 29.0
Metallicity:Metal poor system with few planets
Stellar Type:M V
Planets:cinder remnants of original asteroid belt, partially disassembled microjovian core, a few volatiles in a dilute Oort cloud
AI Overseer:none
Affiliation:non-aligned (Wildhu reserve)
Colonized:Reached in 2415 by autonomous probe
Major Industries:Tourism, arts and crafts, memory templates, scarcity studies, memoirs, low level data processing (for hire)
Main Habitats:Newhope City is a converted cinder 5 km long
Population:250,000 (varies)
Artificials 0.29 (0.02 turing, 0.21 vec, 0.6 miscellaneous aioid
Cyborgs 0.20 (0.18 cyborg (various), 0.2 cryocyborg (low energy and resource use)
Bionts 0.51 (0.2 hu tweak (adaptations for low resource survival), 0.16 hu nearbaseline (includes mild tweaks & augments), 0.8 hu bioborg (augments for low resource survival) 0.5 other hu, 0.2. non-hu)
TRAVELWormholes: None
Spaceports: Newhope City Docking Bay (does not handle ships larger than 5000 t)
Beamrider Nodes:
Hazard Rating: varies by region; 1.5 to 4.8
Visa Restrictions: by individual polity
Sites of Interest: Marus Midus Chuny Shrine (relocated to Newhope City plaza)

Newhope is one of several unrelated systems with the same name. The infrastructure of the red dwarf Hip 76282, just outside the Inner Sphere, was established by the MPA Neumann bpRW-1011000110 in 2415 a.t., from which comes its popular name "1001100110's star." Following extraction by MPA Mining Swarms of most volatiles, the system was abandoned in 3157.

The Wildhu arrive

Within a hundred years, a new wave of settlers (mostly relativistic isolationist vecs and a single nomadic nanopolity) had established a few small colonies. These were followed by representatives of several cyborg Hider clades. News slowly spread, and in 3429 an independently financed nearbaseline human colony ship, the Freedom's Light, crewed by followers of the utopian hu Marus Midas Chuny, arrived with 980 colonists in stasis, and renamed the system Newhope. The Chunyists established a low-resource, high-tech hu-only utopia, that at its height (in 3574) featured upwards of 3000 souls.

With the death of Chuny in a mining accident in 3589 (no backups were possible because of the shortage of resources and failure of advanced neuronal hylonano), the group split into two rival micropolities. This situation was further exacerbated by new arrivals who refused to assimilate to the Chunyist memeset, and by 3782 there were at least two hundred human and other sapient micropolities scattered throughout the system.

Deep in the heart of the inner MPA volume, this independent world now acquired protected status as a wildsap preserve - the humans and other clades in this system are free to do as they wish, even wage war on and exterminate each other - but if the system faces an external threat the MPA has unilaterally decided to offer protection if required.

By the early Integration period, the system was largely an aggregation of micro-fiefdoms with a smattering of short-lived cyberdemocracies. The limited resources, and competition with other clades, meant that none of the micropolities ever amounted to much.

From 6826 to 7105 there was a system wide hegemony under the cyborg "Xarander the Conqueror", but this was overthrown with help from a passing ex-Version Tree vec clade, the Fastchip Cinderbots Association, and the usual condition of isolated and impoverished polities was restored.

In the 8100's the system became a loose confederation - the Newhope Union - that experienced a short-lived but exciting cultural renaissance and established a successful trade economy with the rest of the universe via several relativistic traders. An MPA regional hypereconomic recession in the surrounding developed star systems in 8426 made the trade uneconomical. The system remained one of the most impoverished in the region, until in the 9200's with easier access provided by a new 50 meter macrogauge wormhole to Dobsan (MPA red dwarf, distance 5 light years) it became a mecca for anti-ai (or pro-turing but anti hyperturing) humans and other bionts.

Several anti-AI groups stage pilgrimage visits to Marus Midas Chuny's shrine, and curious Sephirotic citizens also visit. Most are usually conned by the locals, who have become experts at begging and confidence tricks. Over the last few centuries the increased tourism has led to greater wealth and the disappearance of most of the original poverty-based and scarcity-based cultures. Hu Supremacist extremists claim that Sephirotic interference prevents Newhope from developing into a powerful empire and threatening the established hyperpolities, but even the locals make this a running joke amongst themselves.

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Initially published on 07 June 2005.

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