Yu-Tang, Killavan

Galactic Centre
Image from Steve Bowers

Relativist explorer, born 2122 a.t. on New Mars. Majoring in astrogation and sensor systems, he was recruited by TakiCorb Scouting Inc and participated in the exploration of the corewards NoCoZo and Sagittarius direction. In 3055, after having earned a massive bonus for the investigations of the Tunnler networks and found that TakiCorb had largely dissolved, he formed Yu-Tang Investigations, an exploration consultancy firm that participated in the Sagittarius Sphere development.

In 3644 he set out towards nether Sculptor volumes in order to perform a long-range survey of the galactic disc, hopefully able to detect emissions from alien civilisations. Travelling more than 2400 lightyears south from the galactic plane from his starting point in the lowest Solar Dominion world at Abruzzen with three specially equipped astrography ships and a linelayer with a small wormhole, most of the journey was spent in cryonic suspension.

Arriving at the destination (a metal-rich system YTS 1092-0000081 where they set up an autocolony), they spent ten years performing a detailed survey of the galaxy. Returned to known space via wormhole, they arrived at Penthievre in 7999.

YTS 1092-0000081, now called Vastness, has become a major tourist attraction through the wormhole. Access is still very limited, and much of the system is occupied with astrographic efforts.

The Yu-Tang survey, since expanded by the Argus Array of linked telescopes, has charted over 40 billion star positions and the distribution of gas, dust. Strange matter, various radiation emitters and likely positions of alien artefacts or cultures. Yu-Tang Investigations is currently estimated to have one of the per-bit most valuable databases in known space.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 15 December 2001.