Greensong Accord, The

Shadow Federation
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The symbol of the Shadow Federation; this informal federation is the closest that the Hiders have to a superpolity. Although many individual Hider clades welcome the Greensong Accord, the Shadow Federation itself has never formally ratified the agreement, nor in fact has the Shadow Federation ever formally interacted with any other body except the Deeper Covenant.

The Greensong Accord is an agreement between transapient powers to limit their interaction with Hider clades.

The accord was first revealed in the Greensong system, by the Utopia Sphere po Alfloradel in 3734 AT. By the time the accord was revealed to modosophonts, it had apparently already been in affect between most of the Utopese transapients for at least three centuries. Basically by joining the accord, a transapient promises to conduct no memegeneering or other covert influencing of Hider clades, except for the purpose of protecting that particular transapient and eir charges, against that particular clade. In addition Hider clades are granted certain rights such as the right to travel through the transapient's territory, and limited harvest of the Oort clouds in a transapient's territory, again, as long as these rights do not directly threaten the transapient, or the transapient's underlings.

In the millennia that has followed, many other transapients have also joined the accord, including most of the transapients of the Solar Dominion, the Communion of Worlds and the Sophic League. The accord also has strong membership amongst AIs from the MPA, the Fomalhaut Acquisition Society, several zones in the NoCoZo, and the Technorapture Hypernation. In 9934 Farview decreed that all hyperbrights of the Red Star 'M'Pire would join the accord. It is also rumored that some Diamond Network and Solipsist Panvirtuality AIs have joined limited versions of the Greensong Accord, which give them greater leeway in just what is considered defensive measures.

Though it is always hard to find out what the Hiders themselves think, evidence suggests that few of the Hider clades give the accord any credence, and most consider it just another trick from the transapients' side. Indeed, it seems that the Hiders tend to avoid Diamond Network systems that have signed the accord. Which might actually have been what the Network planned from the start.

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Text by Thorbørn Steen
Initially published on 19 September 2007.