Barovam Class Weapons platform
Quasi-arachnoform weapons platform developed by the Age of Consolidation Varadic Hegemony in 3370 AT.

Even after the Hegemony was dismantled, the Barovam remained a popular weapon-platform, the template widely distributed, and innumerable variations and minor revisions of the original design can still be found among many small polities away from the main nexus.

Although in no way a match to higher transingularity fighting artifacts or ISO-linked units, the Barovam is a formidable unit in any S<1 battlefield. The slaved ai is rated SI:1 equivalent. The great squat armoured and clawed spiderlike hylonano weapon platform can mass up to 45 tonnes, and be up to 6 meters wide across the carapace. The typical Barovam bristles with hardpoints for weapon-attachments, and clusters of red sensor eyes are preternaturally bright with hyperturing intelligence. It is protected with nano-reactive armour, is capable of moving at startling speed despite its bulk, and has a targeting system that could hit a gnatbot at 1000 km in optimal (vacuum) conditions.

There is a display of several Age of Consolidation Varadic Barovam Type E4s with full regalia in stasis at the Imperial War Museum, Raphael Orbital Band, Fons Luminis.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 08 October 2001.