Eä Mulsystems
First Federation megacorporation. Eä Mulsystems emerged from the merger of Graphos Habeng and Kbelt Aitronics in 1107 AT. It soon became a major development of integrated AI solutions, controlled environments and habitat infrastructure. Although it had no interstellar traffic on its own, it constructed starship habitats and space networks in other solar systems for many other megacorporations.

During the Federation Era Eä Mulsystems remained a strong economic force, deeply involved in the software maintenance advocacy on the compatibility side. It also supported research into breaching the Singularity barriers and applications of AI superintelligence, making it one of the most AI-dense megacorporations around at the time. At the same time it was a nearly federative structure, with local branches having great autonomy. All this together made it a nearly faceless organisation, mainly known among corporate and government customers.

In the 2200's, the introduction of stargates led to the reunification crisis. Different branches found themselves in close contact, and questions of the optimal level of autonomy relative to each other were raised. At the same time a sizable fraction of the leadership and employees had become influenced by Keterism, and saw the Keterist project of building a posthuman utopia as an immense economic chance. In 2287 it was decided by the shareholders to split the company into Eä Holdings, an umbrella organisation of autonomous Eä branches, and Eä Transcendence Systems, the unified core. Eä Transcendence established its seat on Ain Soph Aur and became one of the first Keterist Megacorps.

Eä Transcendence Systems grew in leaps and bounds as the vital Keterist culture expanded, evolving into a network hyperstructure maintenance organisation. Gradually the corporate structure dissolved into a smart contract cluster. In some sense the corporations exists today embedded within nearly all Keterist systems (making it the most long-lived and widespread corporation ever), although in practice it has ceased to exist as an independent entity.

Eä Holdings prospered during the era of expansion, but as the megacorporations began to consolidate into empires, local branches either were bought up or left the cluster. In 3373 the remnants of Eä Holdings were bought up NoCoZo interests and merged into the Hellesme Corporate Federation, a short lived attempt at internal empire building within the NoCoZo.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 24 October 2001.