5800 to 6700 AT: Age of Separate Empires

Age of Separate Empires
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While in the developed regions there are still major, powerful empires that have reclaimed what they lost during the ComEmp period, they find it hard to cope with the growing tide of new groups along the periphery and throughout large areas of the Outer Volumes. The Commonwealth of Empires is long gone, but the influence of the ComEmp ontology remains strong, particularly with the religious and with other idealistic groups in the Inner Sphere, and with some of the colonists and factions and new empires moving that are moving outwards towards the frontier. Known/explored space is a 10,000 light year sphere.

Almost as a response to the disintegration of the old ComEmp a new generation of AI gods appears. These "children" of the Archailects set out to manage different regions with more autonomy. The Perseus Arm princes are merely the best known of these. New empires and power structures emerge throughout the outer volumes. Some burn out quickly, while others continue to grow. As for the older empires, they realize that to survive they have to allow the local regions more independence, and so allow more local variations. Exceptions are Keter and NoCoZo, both too anarchic for more independence to be significant, and Cygexpa. This growth in the AI-sphere is not free though, it costs a lot of resources, and to sustain the extra administration and freedom the empires need larger economies. This induces a growth spurt. New worlds are colonised, new stars and planets are converted into computronium, and many new wormhole links are established.

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5800 AT
5802 - Keter-Biovirate War begins with a few indecisive skirmishes. In 5804 AT Biovirate battlecruisers engage the Keterist defenses at New Icarus. The New Beneficence gives moral support to the Keterists in the Keter-Biovirate War.

5804 - Sakvaback colonised (for the first time).

5807 - Clarketech Disintegrator weapons become briefly available from an unknown source.

5809 - Paulan homeworld discovered by Metasoft.

5839 - A wormhole arrives at Blue from Traction and is opened shortly after.

5840 - Gshru colonised by a clade of post-transapient Abdicators.

5845 - The Triangulum Transmission received by the Argus Array; the first detailed message from an extragalactic civilisation.

5855 - The last remnants of the Doran Empire, including Dorranok, join the Terragen Federation.

5870 - Second Great Divide; many members of the Institute for Primate Provolution leave for the Zoeific Biopolity to carry out work on prehistoric or mythical primates and their derived clades.

5880 - Bullseye secedes from the Solar Dominion.

5884 - A neumann probe departs for Apogee Maximal.

5884 - Establishment of the Refugium Federation.

5900 AT
Sixtieth century AT - The Skorad Empire, an aggressive, expansionistic tweak/splice polity dies out. Undead Army of Dan Sanders.

61st Century AT - Keterist forces inexorably push back the Biovirate invaders.

5900 - Zerzavec Commune begins to emerge.

5911 - Ribbonworld built at Solaris.

5920 - Under Morral Kuprin Jerr, the Biovirate begins design and manufacture of organic autowars, the so-called "biowars".

5912 - SI:2 hyperturing Seroz 12 ( Radwin-Ho Orbital Band, Dorminy Iv, NoCoZo) first creates the characters bAdmod, Khan, Janeis and BapIYapDapBhapZap "to amuse my humans" The original bAdmod series was to run to 24,319 episode modules.

5964 - Jilunan ascends to second toposophic. Jilunan is to remain an important cyborg Administrator, Encyclopaedist, Perfect Artist, Statesbeing, and Mystic, until eir transcension a thousand years later.

5934 - Clade Aruan provolved in Wallace Dyson.

5973 - Economic disaster following the completion of the outer topopolis Ouroboros results in near-total abandonment of Cableville.

5981 - The bionano enhanced clade of posthumans from Orkady in the Communion of Worlds apparently decided to adopt the lifestyle of the Fair Folk and use miniaturisation and optical phased array technology to remain invisible.

5989 - Salaam colonised by the Refugium Federation.

6000 AT
6000 - Around this time a number of entities apparently ascended to the sixth toposophic, becoming Greatest Archailects; this is the highest toposophic level known in the Terragen sphere. Several, but not all of the Sephirotic Empires are now ruled by beings of this kind. Other entities of a similar level emerge in the Solipsist Panvirtuality, and later, in the Diamond Network and Objectivist Commonwealth.

6000's Rise of the Social Immunists on Atlantis.

6000 - The Refugium Federation has expanded to a 100 lightyear sphere, including 20 colonised systems. Contacts are by tightbeam laser, and most inhabitants believed that by now the rest of mankind would have destroyed itself or transformed into some failed posthumanity. Each system developed their own unique culture, many so different that they had nothing in common. The old technology restrictions are gradually eroding.

6009 - Pereira (the Biovirate capital) falls to the Keterists.

6012 - Establishment of Erniac, a MPA political movement seeking closer alliance with the STC and transformation of the materialist aesthetics into a colonisation aesthetic.

6017 - New Solar Dominion Guardian appointed on Silenus, and outlaws the local territorial disputes.

6048 - Derlek the 58th (the 58th body of the mind Derlek) begins the first step to the actual practice of eir Doctrine of augmentation. The old system of reproduction by simple cloning followed by crude gradual external augmentation is abandoned and instead a system of more complex artificial reproduction by gene splicing followed by introduction of self-replicating and adaptive nano-implants. These cyborgs are the first generation of "Children". [see Derlekians]

6061 - Concerning the Magnesium Issue of five centuries earlier, the local review AI (above the third toposophical boundary) arrives at the Raganthra Archipelago and upon examination of the evidence concludes that the central processing AI had been in the wrong.

6065 - The turing and superturing grade AIs on Salaam, an important member world of the Refugium Federation, revolt, leading to a two century long war.

6067 - The AI Jauntos takes on the task of creating two relativistic worldships for the Spacefarer Union member Valderon.

6083 - A Metasoft fleet attempts to reclaim a number of former Metasoft worlds that had joined the Orion Federation.

6094 - Frugivore ring using virch training to promote both their mental development and dreaming themes broken up by Orinoco authorities.

6094 - The Cyberian disinformation corporation Xweak announces its existence publicly in through a series of carefully timed publicity stunts across civilized space, all in the form of mysterious apparent crimes.

6100 AT
Early 62nd century AT - Most of the older Derlekian cyborgs adopt "Children" bodies.

6103- Silicon Generation ambassador makes contact with the Diamond Belt civilisation on Aardwolf.

6110 - Blefuscu colonised by a Nisse colony ship.

6120 - Adhara Trade Treaty founded in Sophic League territory.

6122 - The successful attack on the Museum Ship Professor Mii235 by the Valan Orthodox Hegemony, Cygnus Outer Volumes leads to Museum Ships being wary of large or aggressive demopolities.

6127 - The transcended Hyperturing Overlord Anadayuy creates the First toposophic neogens and Kuranaba Culture Heroes known as the Seven Anandayannas.

6156-6157 - A coalition of independent corporations in the Traction system rebels against the Starlift Enterprises and the Resourcelift Corporation; after a short conflict, Greyman Incorporated emerges victorious.

6157 - Refugee Warships from Starlift Enterprises and the Resourcelift Corporation arrive at at Blue from Traction.

6158 - Foundation of the Greyman Empire in the Traction System. Appointment of Greyman I.

6177 - A group of 3000 second generation Derlekian Children leave their home system through the Metasoft wormhole.

6200 AT
6207 - Locus colonised.

6210 - Gannet II, the last isolated Biovirate stronghold, surrenders to Keterist advance forces without a struggle - end of the Biovirate empire.

6210 - Gillbank colonised.

6218 - First of clade Astomi created.

6223 - Third upgrade of Sarah Singh Tan's comic interactive virch on sarcophobes, No, Nothing At All.

6230 - The planet New Daffy was colonised by heretic expansionists from the Negentropy Alliance world of Greylag, becoming the New Daffy Panoparchy.

6240's - A number of minor cultures in the old Biovirate region find themselves under vicious attack from mutated relativist biowars. New Beneficence, the Communion, the Zoeific Biopolity and other groups call for efforts to communicate with and reintegrate wild biowars.

6251 - Pereira attacked and destroyed (along with the Keterist defences) by a squadron of highly evolved biowars.

6258 - After a period of decline through mainly due to widespread corruption and misuse of power.New Daffy society falls into anarchy. An attempt was made to set up a totally democratic and incorruptible society using ubiquitous surveillance, where everyone could watch everyone else and especially their superiors, hence ensuring accountability.

6259 - Daharrans discovered by a ComEmp Loyalist expedition to the Chronos Cluster.

6260 - Organic-AI war on AIs on Salaam (Refugium Federation) ends with peace accord.

6289 - Mazukata's Holiday settled by a group of Jensanist refugees.

6294 - The alien cold-adapted Soft Ones are first encountered by Metasoft scouts in the counterspinward Perseus Arm.

6299 - The Cassiopeia Federation Anomie.

6300 AT
6304 - In the important MPA system of Gordelpus, large parts of the ruling AIs of the 4000 year old Kathelian Confederacy vanish into apparent transcendence; this both weakened and centralized the Confederacy, making it consolidate into a mere four-system polity.

6304 - Gillbank declares itself as Disarchy Capital.

6307 - Proden colonised (Metasoft).

6309 - The ascended Hochent persona undergoes voluntary stasis in the Regernar Oort Vault.

6316 - The Stephenson Prefecture of the Solar Dominion suffers the 6316 AT massacre, one of the most devastating acts of political terrorism in known history. A group of Zantrists, a militant fraction of AI omnimegists opposed to Solarism, unleashed a personality reprogramming virus into the local Divine Order net during the Interfacing Festivities. The result was the personality destruction of 488 million individuals, including governing AIs, which in turn led to the total collapse of the local society. Despite massive relief operations the Prefecture suffers over 3 billion deaths all in all.

6318 - Uyuni colonised (in Sagittarius).

6321 - A qlippothic transcension blight event claims over 53 million residents and vacationers on the Xanadu vacation habs.

6325 - The New Beneficence protests to the Lord of Rays and the God-Emperor over the purge of omnimegists from the Solar Dominion, which NewBe states is over-broad and hints darkly as being a pretext for memetic housecleaning.

6325 - The backlash against Zantrists led to a widespread purge of omnimegism in the Solar Dominion. Many omnimegists and other religious minorities emigrate to the lower Cygnus region.

6330 - Anradi of Carnes publishes eir interactive hypertreatise on Perfect Art.

6340 - After a long period of social unrest the culture had adapted, and the New Daffy Panoparchy was instigated.

6342 - The new STC-aligned Erniac government in Gordelpus came into conflict with pro-Negentropic and pro-Keterist influences, weakening the political market.

6349 - Ghedhia-9 releases eir siddoptimal clades into the cosmos, and rapidly transcends to SI:3 and then SI:4, merging with the Harbinger Archailect, although one of eir Copies remains at SI:2 to take up a study of mythopoetic glyphs in insect bioborg uplifts as subliminal nanosiddhics.

6365 - The Newton Mass Transcendence takes place.

6392 - The Silent Ones - high-gravity adapted alien sophont species discovered by NoCoZo explorers in a system spinwards of Ruprecht 46.

6400 AT
65th century - Vela Immunity expands both politically and bureaucratically.

65th century - The New Daffy Panoparchy begins to prosper.

6400's - Void ship technology is apparently developed by several of the Greatest Archailects at an unknown location, presumably in the Inner Sphere.

6400 - The Cygexpa frontier comes under attack from relativist biowars.

6400 - Focal Point colonised.

6402 - Probe arrives at Apogee Maximal, and deploy several self-replicating fusion units in the Apogeean atmosphere.

6420 - The AI part of the Gerkletoss civilisation rebels against the constraints on their development, beginning fast autoevolution. Massive use of exotic matter and spacetime engineering leaves the region extremely dangerous. A number of refugees flee to nearby star-systems.

6432 - The Mekelon Institute of Astrography and Interstellar Astrogation officially declares the whole biowars Volume ( 400 LY radius centered on Seuret) a Level 8 Hazard.

6433 - Sonato system takes over the weakened polity of Gordelpus.

6436 - An exploration probe from Polonius (see Refugium Federation) discovers intelligent life in a system 240 lightyears distant.

6444 - Novigti II designed by Wpali Wn, a former MPA biotect AI teaming up with the Solarist architects of the Long Lake Society.

6444 - Terror bombing attack on Clydia Habitat, Blue system.

6450 - Rajasekar is colonised by a Sophic tweak adaptation calling themselves the New Rajasekarians.

6467- Zar Golai creates the first of a new wave of polyspectralized art), entitled 'Perceive With Me'.

6483 - The Children, having gradually spread their presence throughout Metasoft space and established themselves as a true inter-stellar clade, formerly adopt the name "Derlekians".

6500 AT
Middle 7th millennium - Primitive but true sophoncy appears as an emergent property of the millions of ants making up the nest at the University of Econesium on the Museum Ship Great Green Growth [see Anttechians].

middle 7th millennium - The Penitents, a kalyptic heterodox Expiationist post-Christian sect are particularly prominent, to the extent that some members offer themselves as sacrifices to the most cruel transapient entities that they can discover.

c. 6500 Algol Broadcasting Foundation formed.

c. 6500 - Tvekna, race of tree provolves created on the Zoeific Biopolity world of Sanobar, first to achieve sophonce.

6513 - A possibly dysfunctional ascension of a number of linked nodes in the Normidic Machinophyle Supercluster lead to a high toposophic Perversity known as the Hyperutilization Supremacy.

6513 - The New Beneficence warns that the Hyperutilization Supremacy is a serious threat, but apparently the Sephirotics think otherwise.

6522 - Derlek the 108th becomes the first of the third generation of Derlekian Children.

6522 - Warchive bootstrap package developed to allow peaceful colonies to rapidly build advanced weapons of war if threatened.

6530s - Fabers are first developed by the NoCoZo Faber corporation, based partly on in-house research and partly on some pirated Metasoft designs.

6538 - Heimat nuclear war.

6550 - Heimat spacecraft land on own moon.

6565 - The Mother of Machines, a central factory-logistics complex that had evolved from the former Goto autowars, discovered by a Institute of Military Archaeology expedition.

6555 - Omnimegists and other religious minorities form the Memel enclave in the lower Cygnus region. more.

6598 - Zar Golai's personal fortune (derived from 'Perceive With Me' and scores of other such active works) was totally wiped out in repair and reparation bills caused by the tuned laser sensorium blocks in 'Short Sharp Shock' (see polyspectralized art).

6600 AT
6600 - Memel enclave develops into a vital local power in the Cygnus region, a constant irritation to Cygexpa and the Solar Dominion but too far away and dispersed to deal with. Various infiltration attempts and sabotages keep the enclave somewhat unsteady, but it persists.

6601 - Second xenowormhole discovered at Oh-F-Star-4 opens up the Carina Rush.

6610 - Colonists arrive at Apogee Maximal.

6659 - Kap'n Krunche(i) Affair, a monomaniacal madvert transcension.

6690 - The Disarchy-Premacy Compact signed at the Retina Nebula.

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