New Daffy Panoparchy
New Daffy
Image from Steve Bowers
New Daffy and its Mars-sized moon, Tex
Middle Regions Interstellar SuperPolity, coreward of the Crucis Corridor.
Star YTS 901109-17-2
Type K4V
Distance from Sol 2234 ly
Constellation Circinus

The planet New Daffy was colonized in 6230 by heretic expansionists from the Negentropy Alliance world of Greylag. They set up a rigid planned society, which promptly collapsed after a few generations. mainly due to widespread corruption and misuse of power. An attempt was made to set up a totally democratic and incorruptible society using ubiquitous surveillance and sousveillance, where everyone could watch everyone else and especially their superiors, hence ensuring accountability. Unlike the 'angelnet' system that exists on many worlds within the Sephirotic empires, the Panoparchy system allows the modosophonts of that society to monitor each other, without any transapient oversight or intervention.

After a long period of social unrest the culture had adapted, and the Panoparchy began to prosper in 6400. It began a cooperation with the NoCoZo to market its surveillance technology to neighbouring worlds, and over the next millennium it successfully "converted" several of those worlds to the same ubiquitous surveillance democracy it upheld.
City (Gruun).
Image from Steve Bowers
Downtown Gruun City on New Daffy
In the Current Era the Panoparchy has grown into a major local power, known to be scrupulously fair in its dealings but honestly rather boring. There are signs that it is ossifying into a "rule by busybodies" rather than true democracy, and unless it is somehow revitalized it will fall. The Daffy authorities are of course aware of this and doing everything they can.
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Development Notes
Text by Anders Sandberg, with additional material by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 09 December 2001.