Daily Life on New Daffy

City (Gruun).
Image from Steve Bowers
Downtown Gruun City on New Daffy

There was a brief disturbance beginning at today at the 51st Repository of New Daffy when several customers applied excessive kinetic force to scanning hardware, allegedly in an attempt to gain physical access with unapproved technology (see appendix 2.A.4.g, section III of the Gruunian Police Service records.) Local control of the restraint angelnet was wrested via apparent subversion efforts from subturing dedicated systems on the aggressors. The angelnet was re-targeted against the defensive systems pods, disabling them at as they finished encapsulating two of the aggressors. Reclamation attempts on the angelnet were beginning to be successful when the aggressors' dedicated systems managed to bypass the core safety systems in the local area, destroying about 15 kilos (3 rings) of angelnetting via thermal overload. The suspects were stasis-wrapped by as external angelnetting rolled into place.

It is clear that the aggressors were subturing vecs working on pirated game control code from Nanoclysm, nanofactured in a subverted public facility. Research is ongoing to determine complicity/liability in this event. Gruunian Police Service has issued a bounty for information leading to the conviction of the persona or personas involved in this event in the Local Collective Judicial Opt-In, bonded via the 51st Repository of New Daffy.

Have YOU had your systems scanned today? DefWerks Inc - bonded defensive technicians - are on call NOW for our patented Triple Layered Defensive Technologies! Take a tic and protect - protect -protect!

Lead Story: BoB inducts new members! BoB has voted to include 3 new 'content advisors' in the Cognitive Security subtlety. Only one - the nonallied ai GrimHumorVIV - has publicly announced their public decryption key. It is expected, due to prior fair-practice law suits brought by the BoB against itself, That at least one of the other sophonts involved is a biological-cognitive entity. More details as they become available!

"New Archailect Threat Detected!" Mare Imbrium, Luna, 3448 af, LIVE:

"Dr. Xin Chulee Ho announced a newly detected threat to baseline Survival today in a widely attended briefing. Dr. Xin Chulee discussed the ongoing travel patterns allowed to baselines remaining on Terra and the practical ramifications of such.

"It appears, according to Dr Xin Chulee's research, that GAIA is attempting to develop a human breeding program, aimed at some unspecified goal.

"Dr Xin Chulee spoke forcefully of the ramifications of
this 'horrendous crime against humanity'
"This transmission has been terminated by automated filters when it became clear that it was being funded by the illegal, radical Human First! organization. A report will be forthcoming within the next 50 hours. This channel is hereby disabled until such time as the report is available with its recommended resolution to this problem."

Rumors continue to arrive that the non-sephirotic 'Dren' system (located just 2 wormholes from Ken Ferjik) is experimenting with some form of quantum decryption on data passing thru the local wormhole links. It is clear that links passing through that system have a decoherence rate some three times higher than the average accepted rates of the top ten transmitters. Investigations are ongoing, and 8 of the top 10 transmitters have rerouted to bypass any such linkages through the system.

"Helmsman, can you spare a dime?" I asked as I stepped into the low-sided boat. The figure in black with its hand outstretched at the steering oar at the rear audibly blinked, then started laughing. I passed the Helmsman the requisite coin and they pushed off, sculling the little craft down the smooth, rapid flow.

"That, I gotta admit, was good," chuckled the Helmsman. "First time someone's tried THAT line on me!"

"Well, it's gotta be boring, the same old 'Here's my coin. Take me there' routine."

"True, true."

We lapsed into companionable silence as the various anchored madverts slipped past, no more than one every couple boat lengths. Century gum, ReShape, Traction Pads, OmniFroot - all the normal stuff you see everywhere. I kept half an eye on the memeter, just the same -sometimes the cumulative dose can get dangerously high, even with them spread out like they were here.

A dull whine started to echo over the water. A quick scan spotted an illegal buzzing our way rapidly. Of course, there was no cover - we were out on the boat, fer cryin' out loud. Besides, nothing was supposed to fly over that water - whole reason it was there, after all. As it got to broadcast range, it stopped on a dime. Quite literally, as the Helmsman hit it solidly with er steering oar, driving it into the drink.

"Wow. Thanks!"

"Don't mention it. Not like I wanna see a funny guy like you get some of that crud"

It's wonderful how small kindnesses come back to you.

At the end of this message, it will be local New Daffy time. (Brought to you by TimeMinders, Inc, "Let us help you keep track!")
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