Former capital of the Biovirate

Image from Steve Bowers
Pereira is today a largely lifeless post-gaian world, ruined by autowar attack

Star: YTS 02649-8463-33
Stellar Type: G5V
Distance from Sol: 1433 ly
Galactic XYZ 995, 1016, -180
Constellation Aquila
Colonised: 4307 AT.
Planet: Pereira
Type: Cinderworld (post-gaian), with an oxygen content 0f 0.2 percent"

Cygnus Sector, Middle Regions system colonised by a long-range seedship mission in 4307. Too far from the Inner Sphere to become involved in the Version War, this world became the capital of the Biovirate, a major anthropist empire, in the centuries following that conflict.

Pereira was conquered by the Keter Dominion following the Keterist-Biovirate war, then attacked and sterilised by rogue bio-Autowars.

The Pereira system today is lightly colonised by a number of disparate clades. It is at present nominally administered by a coalition of Keterist, MPA, Zoeific, and non-aligned transapients.

Pereira Prime is now a completely deterraformed cinder world, inhospitable to any oxygen-breathing biont life above prokaryote grade. The only sentients on the surface is an research base established by the Institute of Historical Archaeology on Mauvin, the main continent, and on the smaller continent of Markolei, Shrine of Lapkei the True, a small colony of Church of Man (Reformed), who are presently trying to have the whole system declared a Galactic Memorial. The research base consists of a population of approximately 500 bionts (superiors), cyborgs, and vecs, half of whom are rotated every two years via relativist ship, the remainder having elected to stay permanently to study this tragic and unique system.

There is some talk of re-terraforming the world, but this cannot be authorised by the Galactic Colonisation Board at Cythera as long as the Level 2 Hazard rating remains, and following the 10457 unprovoked destruction of the scientific scout Junsee by a solitary biowar off Gulanoa II, this is unlikely to change. Although the Board's ruling are not mandatory, it would be difficult for any committee to raise funding and political approval.

Lindgrer, the second world in the system, an AreanXeric Subtype world, hosts a colony of Clade Polaris-Mutango II Cygexpas who are looking at developing the whole system for tourism. They have established a small orbital station which serves as system headquarters. Although they represent the "law" in the system they have shown little interest in interfering with the other clades, as long as there is no serious violence or interference between the groups.

The outer asteroid belt has a recently established colony of Clan Ado, an eccentric H. sapiens Pride fringe group who wish to revive the Biovirate, and a longer established colony of highly tweaked Space Adapted Humans. Between these two factions there is no love lost. The occasional skirmish has been broken up by the local Cygexpa fleet space arm, essentially the cutters Birklei and Coais and a company of Polaris-Mutango II Territorial Marines.

Finally, some of the old Biovirate orbital wreckage around Pereira has been occupied by a clade of ferals known as the Andromeda Kids (not to be confused with the original Andromeda Kids). Apart from occasional raids on the research and the Church of Man colonies for food and medical supplies, they have so far kept to themselves.

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Text by Anders Sandberg and M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 19 December 2001.