Anthropism, Human

Anthroist symbol
Image from Anders Sandberg
Human Supremacist or Anthroist symbol, one of many similar variants used throughout the Terragen Sphere

Homo sapiens supremacism, promoting the supremacy, or in its more moderate versions, the special place of, of baseline humans (or supersets including tweaks, cyborgs and/or uploaded hu virtuals) over other bionts, vecs and AIs. Many predominantly human regions have pro-human biases that may be called anthropism. Over history formal anthropist groups have more often been supremacist in nature, and have ranged from minimal hate groups to major religions such as the Church of Human Rights in the period 5000-6000 in the upper Perseus Arm. Anthropism of all kinds is more common on nearbaseline or baseline reserved planets or habs and in isolated systems in the Outer Volumes than in more cosmopolitan areas. A broader version is known as Terragen Anthropism.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 16 September 2001.