Anthropism, Terragen
Cultural/philosophical movement, claiming the Earth-derived clades of intelligence have a special place in the history of the galaxy. The most common view is that the terragens have a noticeably higher level of diversity and dynamism compared to the other, now extinct alien species or the other extant species. This will prevent any mass die-off or single fate, and guarantee the eventual spread and dominance of the galaxy by Earth-derived mindkind and their alien allies. Critics have questioned these assumptions, but more properly this form of anthropism is viewed as a religious/emotional commitment to the Terragen future than an accurate assessment of evolutionary potential.
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    The prejudice that biological systems have an intrinsic superiority that will always give them a monopoly on self-reproduction and intelligence over aioids and mechanoids. Many radical anthropist and bioprimist groups are biochauvinist to a greater or lesser extent.
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    Generic term that encompasses a number of generally messianic sapient human factions, philosophies and religions that seek to overthrow ai and reinstate hu as lord of creation. They range from harmless cranks to minor terrorist extremists and hate groups. Owing to their lack of toposophic development they cannot do much harm, and are easily subverted. It is generally acknowledged that the only reason they are allowed by regional hyperturing administrators to exist is to contribute to the memetic rule of the Sephirotics.
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    Information Age to Interplanetary Age umbrella movement for a number of genuine and bogus therapeutic techniques. These involved both individual and group practices and used psychoanalytical, mental, meditation, and/or physical techniques to help individuals develop emotionally and advance spiritually. By the close of the Interplanetary Age the original intention was long lost and in many cases the older movements had been replaced by a various factionalisted cults, some harmless and some otherwise. (See also the classical New Age movement.)
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    Belief that Terragen life and intelligence is superior to other lifeforms and intelligent beings in the galaxy, and that this is the reason why the Terragen Bubble is the largest civilization at present. A sort of variant Anthropism that includes all Terragen mindkind. Terrachauvinism completely ignores extinct alien civilizations of greater than Terragen extent, as well as evidence of large empires detected by the Argus Array.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 16 September 2001.