Human Supremicism
Anthroist symbol
Image from Anders Sandberg
Human Supremacist or Anthroist symbol, one of many similar variants used throughout the Terragen Sphere

A memetic attractor, an extremist philosophical or ideological form of anthropism, which asserts that hu has dominion over all other forms of sentience, including sub-sophonts, splices, provolves, ai, and aliens.
Comes in a great many different varieties, from secular hi-tech asimovists to lo-tech anti-ai ludds to fundamentalist monotheistic religious groups. Contrary to popular stereotypes, most human supremacists abhor violence, and emphasise that non-hu sentients are always to be treated with kindness and politeness. Unfortunately, the many small radical hate groups affiliated with this attractor give liberal human supremacists a bad name
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 04 November 2001.