Erniac, Erniac Government
MPA political movement in the 6000's, seeking closer alliance with the STC and transformation of the materialist aesthetics into a colonisation aesthetic.
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    MPA polity, founded in 2378 by a group of wormhole engineering AIs. To some extent the Confederacy was an AI House, owning a sizable wormhole manufacture infrastructure, controlling several systems and having many allied biont clades. Their ethos was strongly aligned with the concept of the engineer-god, expressing its divinity through design and creation. It persisted largely unchanged until 6304, when large parts of the ruling AIs vanished into apparent transcendence; this both weakened and centralized the Confederacy, making it consolidate into a mere four-system polity. Politically the Confederacy remains very much MPA mainstream, with some Meketuur influences.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 24 October 2001.