Raman's World

Omega2 Cygni b

Raman's World front
Image from Steve Bowers
Raman's World (starward side)

Star: Omega2 Cygni
Type: M2III
Luminosity: 380 x Sol
Radius: 0.2 AU
Distance from Sol: 399 ly
Planet: Raman's World
Type: Chthonian.
Radius: 6411 km
Semimajor Axis: 1.7 AU

Solar Dominion, formerly Cygexpa administered territory, former site of the Summer solid-state civilization. See also The Summer Debacle.

Raman's World
Image from Steve Bowers
Raman's World and its star. The red giant Omega2 Cygni is traditionally known as Ruchba or Rukbat al-dajajah; locally the star is called 'Omg', because of its huge size and irregular shape.

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Initially published on 22 December 2001.