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Cygexba client house, composed of nanocyborgs and artificially evolved neural net entities.

Aeoina emerged during the 4800's in the outer regions, rising to prominence during the restorations of the 5000's through its wormhole and megascale speculations. It leased 43 systems in the outer sectors, mainly constructing Keter-inspired computational megastructures. Ideologically it was mainly based on omega subservientism, the view that to survive one has to make oneself indispensable for the cosmic infrastructure and eventually become a part of the standard that leads to Omega.

In 5983 Aeoina planning collapsed as several of the high level entities defected to Adriana Yue Oncehuman. Although the clade survived, its fortunes began to dwindle as the Cygexba central economy began to out-compete the periphery clades. By 6700 the clade had mainly disbanded into other clades. One notable remainder was the Gnomon Management Network, a precursor to the Hopomane Empire demonstrating the principle at Grand Veil Cluster in the 6740's. It was inspired and partially funded by the Aeoina metanets of Je-8343, and later became a part of the Hosoko Posthegemonic Management Network.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 10 September 2001.