4650 to 5200 AT: The ComEmp Period

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Thanks largely to the work of superbright Empaths, most polities eventually reach peace accords in the wake of the Version War. What develops is a new set of relationships, the Commonwealth of Empires, sometimes grandly called the "New Commonwealth of Empires and Independent Polities" and more usually referred to simply as the ComEmp. This is a new era of co-operation among the powers, both great, and small that promises much, and delivers on most of those promises. There is a period of cultural, economic, and intellectual flowering that overrides, for a very long while, the old rivalries. The ComEmp brings about a resurgence of civilisation; a long period of peace and harmony even more successful than that of the Integration. Dissatisfied groups, militarists, and rival clades grumble that ComEmp should really mean "Communion of Empaths" because of the strong role that phyle played in establishing the new protocols, but for most sophonts this is a prosperous time. Even sub-sophont sentients are given additional citizens' rights in addition to their standard sentient rights. The ComEmp is declared to be the greatest flowering yet of Terragen civilizations.

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The Version War Period

4650 AT
4650 - the Inner Sphere powers, exhausted by the drawn out conflict and resulting stalemate of the Version War, their economies near collapse with the loss of trade due to the destruction or closing of some of the gates of the wormhole nexus, and facing increasing organic and AI-organised protests at home as well as heavy losses abroad, sued for peace.

4653 - The Bardwell Treaty, and the famous Tilia-Zwicky Accords the following year, including hostage exchanges (which later came to evolve into the ComEmp node systems) and the spread of autowar ceasefire codes were the first of a long series of bootstrap ceasefires designed to end the war. More.

4666 - The first Lesser Archive was found orbiting the brown dwarf Niflheim in the GIA 348-5443344 system by a refugee ship fleeing the 4635 AT destruction of the Sagittarius Sphere system Canakka by the Negentropy Alliance.

4673 - Modosophonts on Calyx lose all transapient oversight for nearly a thousand years and develop a form of state capitalism.

4678 - Explorer vecs from House TakiCorb-Wallstro, reached the Corambytia system and begin the autoindustrialisation process.

4679 - TakiCorb-Wallstro vecs in the Corambytia system are attacked by a previously unknown AI-god and forced to flee.

4700 AT
48th Century - With the failure of the Concord Ontology, a new protocol was required. With the help of the Communion of Worlds, New Beneficence, and other factions, the accord that was reached, called the New Ontology, or ComEmp Ontology, with its infinite creativity nodes at main communication junction gates, was far freer and more multiplex than the old protocol. The self-maintaining Synergesis I.P. encouraged symbiotic cooperation with and conversely discouraged aggressive acts by shutting down the connecting nodes to the aggressor, effectively cutting them off from the main matrix. Some of the more militant factions were not happy about this so called "peace bomb", but the Negentropy Alliance backed it and even the Solar Dominion was agreeable for once.

In a spirit of peace and reconciliation, and with all the best intentions, the Commonwealth of Empires was born. Sometimes called the Commonwealth, or simply the ComEmp, it was an empire in protocol ontology only, and was better likened to a commonwealth of independent states and houses. Ironically, some of the major players were also among the groups that had instigated the war in the first place: the Solar Dominion, the Non Coercive Zone, Metasoft, Cygexpa,and the resurrected former Sagittarius Sphere, now known as the Sagittarius Transcultural Cooperation and resembling the original Sphere in name only.

48th Century - Under the demagogue-scholar Carmon Jefrir Lapkei, the Biovirate ideology consolidates its hold over Pereira.

4700s - The NanoAdhesives Board is created. A rubber-stamp organization used by GooGlue, NBB&P as a memetic ploy against the corporation's rivals.

4701 - A clade of heterodox dolphin colonists from Hwii arrive at the Black Acropolis swarm, fleeing the rigidity and conservatism of Okeanism.

4710 - A group of 27 first singularity cyborgs and eir followers/pets (around 500 nearbaselines) sought out a Type K star to build a place away from the post-Version War economic chaos (see Cableville).

4715 - An unusual congregation of brown dwarfs and jovian worlds discovered 750 light-years to rimward of Sol by the Deeper Covenant, later to become known as the Realm.

4716 - the SI:2 philosopher Contemplative Neverflux suddenly announces that e had elucidated a new metaphysical system, and forms the School of Continuous Death. Eir philosophy is popularized by eir seminal work, The Illusion of Survival. While most who read it are unconvinced and consider the implications absurd, Neverflux attracts a significant following.

4718 - The posthuman Qang Der Py�� introduces a new way for bionts to themselves be preserved. Adapting the technology of nanostasis, the body of a biont can be preserved and maintained, while with the oversight of a dedicated hyperturing, the brain can be made to repeat the same thought over and over again. This emulates the state of mind of a Notee in a biont; in the following years and decades several "communities" of these biont Notees are preserved on starships launched into interstellar space. However, biont Notees never become as widespread as virch Notees.

4732 - Ghedhia-9 migrates with eir entire ISO to Harbinger Dyson following reopening of the stargates after the Version War.

4733 - Construction of the topopolis Spaghetti megastructure started (see Cableville).

4744 - Andian Mission is instituted.

4753 - the artwork Reseb Grupp, painted by the Solarist aioid Nomologic ga Helios-4 in 2300, rediscovered after languishing in the databanks of the Solar Dominion for over 2000 years immediately becomes a great hit and widely imitated.

4745 - an independent scavenging craft rendezvouses with a strange centripetal space hulk (presumed abandoned) that was in the process of entering the Thorain system (TA sector), and is quite shocked to find it inhabited by what are first thought to be a race of strange, tentacle-waving aliens, but turn out to be members of the Alchemist clade.

4785 - Tscherbaschov founds the Heron Institute of Applied Technology.

4798 - in a surprise raid on Padre Joachim 4 million sentients were killed by the Goto autowars (robot warships) apparently derived from the Version War Liberator D series.

4798 - New Beneficence mourns the deaths of 4 million sentients at Padre Joachim by Goto autowars , but calls for the autowars rehabilitation and integration into Sephirotic society, not their destruction. NewBe quoted as saying, "You created these children to fight your war, but you forgot to teach them about peace."

4800 AT
49th Century - In a tremendous burst of reconstruction that also revived the war-raged economies of the major powers, some of the old Stargate Nexus Termini are reconstructed or replaced, and powered down "worm" ai reactivated. However, many other systems remain isolated and cut off from the new economic boom of the Inner Sphere, particularly in the Bellerophon Archipelago and the Serpens Region. Other wormhole connections are never re-established, while completely different ones seem to be planned or established by both local and sephirotic archailects. All of which feeds sapient anxiety, especially among paranoid clades. For others however, it is business as usual. Relativists continue to do a roaring trade, and many relativist clades become extremely wealthy, as do the SunMiners who supply matter for conversion to exotic matter wormhole termini.

c.4800 AT until 7600 AT - Ouaddai Ring culture becomes predominantly Mortalist.

4800's - Goto autowars harass the Negentropy Alliance, causing heavy casualties and massive production loss in several important industrial systems and annihilating a number of worlds hosting large military bases. Negentropist defences prove incapable of defeating the highly evolved autowars.

4800's - Extremist hu-rights group Branch Hominist quite active, playing on biont fears and resentment following the Version War.

4805 - Sagittarius Sphere dissolved by an alliance of ComEmp empires; becomes the Sagittarius Transcultural Cooperation.

4806 - John Sarhvant elected in the Black Acropolis.

4809 - Solar Dominion fleet recaptures the rogue system of Falden and set up a new wormhole link.

4810 - A Spacefarer Union fleet consisting of almost 500 ships and led by two SI:3 entities offer to recapture Elcondris for the Dominion on condition that they lead a fleet there and take whatever measures necessary to overcome the rogue AI Sunbrain. (The Elcondris Incident).

4810 - 4830 Spacefarer Union ships arrive at Falden; before departing for Elcondris. (The Elcondris Incident).

4812 - Zar Jordan becomes a full superior, leading to a split between the majority early (sub-superior) and minority later (superior) clones, which in turn in the following years become two distinct subclades, called the Actual Lucjordanians and the Authentic Lucjordanians respectively.

4812 - The Biopolity re-opens the wormhole to a small trinary system, and find that both the original Biopolity and Metasoft colonists are almost gone. In their place is an entirely new cyborg clade that occupies all the 7 previously existing habitats and also 3 new ones that they had constructed. (see Synthetics).

4815 - Zarauztar colonised.

4815 - Habitat war in the Black Acropolis.

4821 - Wormhole opened from Swartzchild to Traction.

4830 - Corona serves as the neutral host for the ComEmp.

4830's - The previously isolated ex-Biopolity cyborgs become used to the freedom of the ComEmp, and the Biopolity relinquish political control over the system but held on firmly to trading rights and the right to operate the system's wormhole. (see Synthetics).

4840's - Bothyga M'Vau seeded by the Makrimche Polyst clade of AIs in the as an experiment in open-ended eco-art.

4844 - Birth of empath philosopher and religious engineer Recor Hochent - Heartland Mumris Band.

4845 - A public scandal causes reorganized of the NanoAdhesives Board as an independent industry-wide agency amongst the NoCoZo.

4850 - Widespread insurance system instituted on Atlantis after some risky experiments with HE viruses.

4855 - Encyclopaedia Everythingiana developed to allow lost colonies to bootstrap themselves out of technological collapse.

4870 - Headquarters of ComEmp moves from Corona.

4876 - Violent conflict on Atlantis between the PPL Glick Law and its subscribers on Lichtenstein over a retroactive added charge.

4887 - Dronamraju Republic founded on Atlantis.

4889 - Contact is restored with Mutual Satisfaction. The polity refuses to rejoin the NoCoZo for unclear reasons and becomes an independent enclave, although for all practical purposes still NoCoZo.

4890 - Construction begins on the Second Shell of Harbinger Dyson.

4900 AT
50th Century - The Commonwealth of Empires is at its height. A tremendous renaissance of human, tweak, cyborg and alien cultures flourishes in the Inner Sphere and along the major trade routes. Historically this period has been given different names.

Meanwhile echoes of the old Version War still continue in the outer, isolated regions, as the field commanders of relativistic fleets act autonomously, thus making any peace accord difficult if not impossible to broker.

4912 - birth of the Dominion transapient culture hero Jilunan.

4915 - Dronamraju Republic goes bankrupt on Atlantis.

4920 - Elements of The SynBios, a synclade of human, dolphin, and neo-reformist Ultimate that developed in the early decades of the Glorious Communion in the Black Acropolis habitats, set forth to colonise further star systems.

4937 - Signing of the Gerkletoss Accord.

4950's - economic and cultural renaissance in Mutual Satisfaction. The flocal Institute of Interstellar Economics grows to a prominent position.

4950's - Normidic Machinophyle Supercluster develops from the local ai nanecology in the volume around YTS 2190 751 6 [Norma Outer Sector] becomes Solipsist Panvirtuality member-empire.

4950 - Heimat colonised by Metasoft.

4982 - birth of Teleana Vikkolich, who would later be known as Gyzantium Gyzaarno, the author of Baseline Bob.

4989 - Sarah Singh Tan's classic comic interactive virch on the theme of sarcophobes, No, Nothing At All.

5000 AT
5000 - Of the several AI that had formed Industrial Upgradation Incorporated only 4 remain.

5000's - First Oracle Machine worlds established.

51st Century - Establishment of the Oshi-Durtam Web. More.

51st Century - In the Cygnus sector of the outer volumes, the Biovirate continues its expansion and conquest of surrounding systems.

early 5000's - Mykultura emerges in the Communion religious communities in the Regernar system.

early 5000's, the Board of Boards [NoCoZo] starts up.

5010 Construction on Spaghetti megastructure complete (see Cableville).

5051 -Baseline Bob first released onto the Known Net in mixed media format (mostly text).

5100 AT
52nd Century - The Oshi-Durtam Web develops into a fairly unified culture, led by a merito-democratic government and with a strong local renaissance More.

52nd Century - In the region of the Coathanger Cluster, still ravaged by piracy and barbarism from the tail end of the Version War, the adaptable and militant Daveth Tweaks rose to prominence and expanded rapidly in their feared habitat-raper ships.

5100's - The Black Hole known as Threshold is enclosed in a framework of dynamic orbital rings.

5101 - The Negentropy Alliance attacks Goto, apparently destroying the last autowar factories.

5101 - Ascension of empath philosopher and religious engineer Recor Hochent.

5106 - Contemplative Neverflux ascends to SI:3 and from this point on takes a lesser role in galactic life. E still defends the School of Continuous Death, usually in lengthy philosophical treatises sent to fellow transapients, and acts as a consultant to believers in eir philosophy, but mostly becomes reclusive.

5116 - Branch Hominist attempted invasion of Earth is a fiasco, and little more has been heard of them.

5126 - Dimimimon4 commits voluntary deactivation.

5136 - MPA relativist ship arrives at Cableville.

5184 - Wormhole opened by the Burdikeer from Alpha Star to Blue.

5190 - Second upgrade of Sarah Singh Tan's comic interactive virch on sarcophobes, No, Nothing At All.

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The Age of Fragmentation

  • Aibitrator  - Text by Ryan B
    Empai specialising in the resolution of civil disagreements
  • Branch Hominist  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Extremist hu-rights group; quite active during the ComEmp period. Following their thwarted invasion of Earth in 5116, little more has been heard of them and it is believed that they either disbanded voluntarily or were eliminated by hyperturing assassin devices.
  • Butlermaster 4700  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    ComEmp period domestic vec given freedom after their manufacturing plant changed hands.
  • Cassiopeia Federation Anomie  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    During the late ComEmp period a complex mesh of social, economic and technological factors caused the Cassiopeia Federation, a client state within the NeoCygexpa Regnum, to experience a social collapse into depression, anomie and chaos.
  • Commonwealth of Empires (ComEmp), The  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Important historical multi-polity Galactic Empire, formed after the Version War
  • Crucis Corridor, The - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Troublesome region of interstellar space in the Negentropy Alliance outer-middle volumes, adjacent to the NoCoZo, established in the wake of the Version War. Led to the development of the larger region known as the Disarchy.
  • Political Federation  - Text by M. Alan Kazlev; amended by Stephen Inniss
    Government type in which each member polity rules itself but all belong to one governmental body. These polities must follow certain common standards of conduct and by agreement yield some powers to their common government.
  • Reason for Diplomacy  - Text by Chris Shaeffer
    Ascension Class warship: Reason for Diplomacy.
  • Tragedy of the G995, The  - Text by John B
    Starwisp used to ferry small numbers of copied intellects between systems was knocked off course, leading to an on-board revolt.
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