Coathanger Cluster
Coathanger Cluster
Image from Steve Bowers

The Coathanger Cluster in Vulpecula is not a real cluster at all; instead it is a chance alignment of unrelated stars, which when seen from the Old Solar System resembles a coathanger.

However two of the main stars are closely associated with each other, and the volume around them is colloquially known as the Coathanger Sector. These stars are 4 and 5 Vulpeculae, both 230 light years from Sol.

This volume became a Cygexpa tax haven in the ComEmp period, then a breakaway independent polity, infamous for intellectual copyright infringement, which came into conflict with the central Cygexpa management on many occasions. After the collapse of Cygexpa these two systems became affiliated to the Biopolity and the Archosaurian Empire respectively.
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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 31 December 2007.