Corambytia Protectorate
The Corambytia Protectorate is the largest and most well-known volume ruled by a single Caretaker God.

It is located 1500 light years from Sol in the Antila direction, mainly within the NoCoZo and Negentropy Alliance. The first colonists were a group of explorer vecs from House TakiCorb-Wallstro, who reached the system named Corambytia in 4678. They began to auto-industrialization process, setting up replicator scout factories and other massive regional exploitation equipment. In 4679 a previously unknown AI-god manifested, warning that they were trespassing on a protectorate. The vecs attempted to stall, but a massive attack system-wide forced them to flee homeward. Other colony attempts in the volume were similarly repulsed, often with extreme shows of force leaving only a handful of survivors to flee home with the story.

The Compact of Eden includes a notification clause, implying that Caretakers must reveal their protected volumes. However, it appears that the Corambytia god has never fully accepted the Compact, and the borders of the region remains tentative and dangerous. It appears to be roughly 290 light years in diameter, a rough sphere encompassing several systems believed to have life-bearing worlds. The uncertainty in the border and the fear of expansion has led to underdevelopment of the nearby regions, making the Protectorate a rather sparse volume.

Experts think that the local AI may be derived from an early wave of nanotech AI probes that left the solar system during or just after the Dark Ages. It is known that they have spread far, discreetly clading into many fractions but seldom leaving obvious traces like the Chandelier or the occasional protectorate. Perhaps the local AI is a direct descendant of GAIA, although it has never revealed any link or even desire to deal with the rest of the universe.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 24 September 2001.