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A class of Empai developed to provide on-demand alternative dispute resolution for civil disagreements in the field. A spin off of transclan-diplomat empais, Aibitrators were developed during the Commonwealth of Empires to provide social cohesion amongst sophonts of various autotopias.

In many hi- and ultra-tech post-scarcity civilisations the high level of civil liberties afforded to sophonts can occasionally result in disputes between individuals over whether the actions of one party infringe on the freedoms of another. Aibitrators can be called upon to deal with these disputes long before legal action is taken (and social relation harmony is irrevocably sullied) by the disputing individuals, concerned members of the public or even when deemed necessary by monitoring systems in the local environment.

These highly empathic AIs have been conceptually described as a core AI supplemented by a shell of expert systems providing up-to-date knowledge of law, ethics, psychology, sociology and memetics. Aibitrators, whilst being digital entities, can manifest as a dividual across multiple avatars. These avatars commonly consist of utility fog entities in angelnetted societies. They then discuss the issues with all parties both individually and as a group (where appropriate) and aim to not just reach an amicable conclusion but also foster an empathic understanding of the other party’s concerns in those involved.

In the majority of cases disputes can be settled in a quick and efficient manner leaving all parties involved satisfied with the conclusion, if an agreement cannot be reached legal proceedings resulting in court verdicts may be pursued. In some civs this simply involves the empai altering its complement of expert sytems so as to switch from Aibitrator to Aidjudicator (the methods of which are very similar apart from a heavier focus on law and a legally binding verdict irrespective of any amicable agreement.)

In the Current Era Aibitration is a common and efficient method of maintaining social harmony in liberal civilisations.
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Initially published on 08 November 2011.