5200 to 7800 AT: Post-ComEmp Era

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Construction of wormholes continues, but without sufficient archailect help the transapients are not able to restore the grandeur and scope of the previous Nexus. It seems that the Sephirotic Archailects have other plans in store, as they continue to develop their own infrastructure, extend their consciousness, and become even more omnipresent throughout the Inner Sphere, the Hinteregions, and the settled Outer Provinces. Although this more integrated technosphere guarantees greater stability, it is at the price of heavy resource depletion in the provinces. Entire stars are converted into raw material for wormhole construction. Meanwhile, throughout large parts of the Outer Volumes and along the Periphery, anything goes. Away from the traveled paths and all along the Periphery the barbies are being joined by powerful new superbright empires, new ascends, and new Archailects. And while new wormhole/stargate connections continue to connect the Middle Regions and central provinces, even more of the outlying regions remain isolated. Did the Archailects encourage the Version War because they felt Terragen civilization was becoming too uniform? In any case, the transapients' dream of a unified galactic civilization that defined the Inner Sphere Era is over, and new uncertainties and new possibilities, await both sapient and transapient alike in the brave new galaxy of the Post-ComEmp Era.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev

Initially published on 21 October 2003.

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