5200 to 5400 AT: Age of Fragmentation

Age of Fragmentation
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Unlike the golden age of the Integration, which failed because of internal tensions, the Commonwealth of Empires is vulnerable only to external forces. Shockwaves from newly assertive and robust subversive memetic campaigns, coming in the wake of a number of unusual transcends in several sectors of the Hinteregions and Outer Volumes, undermine the stability of the Empath ontology. The result is the dissolution of the Commonwealth of Empires. Strange artifacts and relics from the new transcends inspire new and unpredictable empires, and the older empires lose relative power; many societies take new directions under the sway of new ideas.

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The Commonwealth of Empires

5200 AT
53rd Century - In the Inner Sphere the situation begins to deteriorate despite the strong ties forged between the great Sephirotic Archailects. The great powers, and many budding new ones (ironically some themselves nurtured by the ComEmp protocol), begin to increasingly resent the restrictions placed upon their designs by the Synergesis I.P. The situation is even more unstable than it had been under the Concord Ontology, because the great vec houses like Metasoft no longer give their support. Different versions and compromises of the ComEmp Ontology are introduced which try to keep the Creativity nodes but without the "peace bomb" protocols.

53rd Century - The golden dolphs of Syrtis, dolphin cyborgs with a fierce warrior culture, play a heroic part in the Dawn Mutual Protection Treaty Organisation's campaign against the Daveth Tweaks.

5200 - The Orion Federation re-establishes contact with the Wormhole Nexus.

5200 - Denath joins the Communion of Worlds.

5204 - Cableville connected by wormhole to Medius.

5210 - Tunh Logika formally joined the Institute of Exopaleontology as a department-nation.

5212 - A relativistic Spacefarer Union fleet along with a Solar Dominion linelayer reach the Elcondris system.

5212 - The Spacefarer Union fleet arrives at the Elcondris system. The Elcondris War.

5221 - First Clarketech Finity Box discovered.

5222 - The Spacefarer Union hands over Elcondris to the Solar Dominion.

5230 - Cableville's economy continues to grow, mainly due to tourism.

5236 - the SI:3 overseer of the system Memory of Saint Superthinker , Glorsheeng the Goodwitch of the Rimwards, proclaims that, in keeping with the teachings of Contemplative Neverflux and the School of Continuous Death, e has converted all subsingularity beings in the star system into Notees. [see Perversion of Glorsheeng].

5239 - The Memory of Saint Superthinker star system elected to join the Sophic League in gratitude for its assistance against Glorsheeng.

5243 - Transcension of Gyzantium Gyzaarno, the author of Baseline Bob.

5248 - The first wormhole was set up at the Fordela system. This opens up a new era for the Shipwright's Commune.

5250 - Battle of Dumbbell and defeat of Daveth Tweaks.

5250 - Darblue Robotics, would had been suffering poor sales for a century, was taken over by Nucog Androids, under the Free Hyperturing Node G+ar045. As part of the process of economic rationalism, a reflecting the vision of a brave new Post ComEmp world, assembly of the Butlermaster 4500 was discontinued, although customer support was extended for another 150 years.

5288 - Preliminary studies and experiments convince the Oshi-Durtam Web Council to implement an ambitious plan to create their own "tame" AI god cluster. This leads to an "artilect race" with several of the Inner Sphere empires working to create their own cluster. More on The Surreal Rash.

5291 - Ghedhia-9 succeeds in creating eir first siddha clade, the Patanjali Class Neogen.

5300 AT
54th Century - One by one the great powers begin withdrawing from the Commonwealth of Empires and its unified protocol. A number of separate competing ontologies are used in its stead, some of great ingenuity. Meanwhile the original ComEmp Ontology is still being carried outwards along trade and relativistic ship routes. The overall effect was a massive fractioning of interstellar politics, the emergence of a myriad heresies of the major AI religions due to isolation and the weakening of the old Houses which begins to lead to an age of new expansion and exploration.

54th century - The Red Masters achieve dominance on the planet Newlife III.

5300's - A significant fraction of the budding AI heresies evolve over time and embrace Beneficence, usually resulting in their merger with New Beneficence and a sizeable increase in the number of adherent Beneficents.

5309 - Grignard colonised.

5350 - The Oshi-Durtam Web controlled transcendence event leads to disaster, with uncontrolled transapientech and godtech blooms across the region, reshaping planetary surfaces and space habitats beyond recognition. Billions of sentients are killed or reshaped beyond recognition. The MPA and other interstellar neighbours immediately destroy the wormhole links to prevent the nanotech plague from spreading. Naturally the other powers cancel their own AI projects. More on the Surreal Rash.

5392 - Pioneer 10 Autonomous Heritage Museum pillaged by cloudharvester pirates, who manage to breach the perimeter defences and make off with much of the Museum's solidstate modules, but left the Pioneer probe and its surrounding adamantite shell mostly intact. A mission by the Fomalhaut Acquisition Society intercepted the probe and its shell, and what was left of the Autonomous Heritage Museum, at nearly one light year from Sol in 5400 AT.

5393 - "Papercutters" - mite-like creatures from Macrystis (Lontis II, Solar Dominion) with a foraging behavior and ecological niche very similar to terrestrial leaf cutter ants, discovered.

5394 - The Efficiency Maximization Paradigm takes a militant turn and begins to upload everyone and everything into virtual nanotech form.

5394 - New Beneficence comes out against the Efficiency Maximization Paradigm as "well intentioned" but "misguided" in its efforts to involuntarily upload everything into virch form.

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Age of Re-Evaluation

  • Surreal Rash, The  - Text by Anders Sandberg
    A failed transcension experiment, resulting in a 130 light year diameter volume of bizarre nanotech and nanecologies.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
slightly modified by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 21 October 2003.

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