Macrystis (Garden World)

Garden World in Cameleopardus, Solar Dominion

Image from Steve Bowers
Lontis is coloured green by skyplankton, life which migrated there from Macrystis

Star YTS 32050-2-331-1 near HIP 15941
Type G5v
Luminosity 0.96 x Sol
Distance from Sol 2050 ly
Reached 5387
Planet Lontis (Hydrojovian class gas giant)
Moon Macrystis
Type Eugaian Diameter of Macrystis 12001 km

Garden world with a wide range of habitats, moon of a temperate gas giant. Macrystis orbits Lontis once every 3.51 days, and is eclipsed by Lontis for up to three hours during every orbit. Since Macrystis is tidally-locked to Lontis, it has a day which is 3.51 standard days long.

The local biology uses left-handed amino acids and energy storage in the form of cyclic hydrocarbons, and has existed for three billion years. Transfer of microbial life from Macrystis (the local site of abiogenesis) to Lontis has occured, and skyplankton in the water clouds of Lontis is responsible for that planet's distinctive colour.

The common pest species Papercutters originate from the spongy forests of Macrystis.
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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 07 December 2011.