System on the NoCoZo border with two terraformed planets, each with very unusual experimental biospheres

Image from Steve Bowers
NewlifeIII, showing the colourful Red Master biomes which once dominated that world

Data panel - Newlife system

StarJD 518776
Luminosity1.11x Sol
Distance from Sol1622 ly
NewlifeINOLWOCS class: Superterrestrial Pyrothalassic type.
Diameter:18204 km Tidally Locked, superrotating atmosphere
Semimajor Axis: 0.1008 AU
Orbital Period: 0.037 standard years
Newlife IINOLWOCS class Terraformed Eogaian
Axial Tilt: 42 degrees -almost a Skolian world, and this world has had a greater tilt in the past, since it has no moon
Diameter: 13996 km
Orbital Period: 0.419 standard years
SemiMajor Axis: 0.505 AU
NewlifeIIINOLWOCS class: Terraformed Arean

Diameter: 10264 km
Semimajor Axis: 0.981 AU
Orbital Period: 1.1322 standard years
NewlifeIVNOLWOCS class:Eujovian
Diameter: 118204 km
Semimajor Axis: 3.4 AU
Orbital Period: 7.34 standard years
NewlifeVNOLWOCS class: Eujovian
Diameter: 117400 km
Semimajor Axis: 5.05 AU
Orbital Period: 13.29 standard years

System developed by copies of the rogue ecosynthetist transapient Deorwyn; for more details of the history of this system see this article. Newlife II is homeworld to Clade Kanuma and Clade Keruing, while Newlife III produced the aggressively expansionist Red Masters.

Image from Steve Bowers
NewlifeI, a hot, tidally locked superterrestrial

Newlife II
Image from Steve Bowers
NewlifeII, a sharply tilted terraformed terrestrial world, with many unusual lifeforms created by Deorvyn

Newlife IV
Image from Steve Bowers
NewlifeIV, a warmish Eujovian gas giant with some water clouds

Newlife V
Image from Steve Bowers
NewlifeV, a cold Eujovian with fast-moving ammonia clouds

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Initially published on 27 December 2009.