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Mykultura is the religious veneration of oneself. Mykultura emerged in certain Communion of Worlds religious communities in the Regernar system in the early 5000's, although commonly Recor Hochent is named as the founder.

Although elements of 'worshipping the god within' have been part of most human mystical philosophies, they were usually placed in a context where the inherent divinity of the worshipper was located in a perspective of a greater external divinity or source of divinity (c.f. the solarist concept of multiple reflectors of divine light). Although often accused for promoting egocentricity, the various self-help philosophies and their successors transhumanism and the first federation self improvement cults never strongly promoted the idea of the individual as God, but rather something inherently valuable but not necessarily venerable.

Mykultura continues the trend pantheism - polytheism - henotheism - monotheism to egotheism: there exists one god, and that god is the subject. The divinity of the subject is the source of all meaning and order in the world. A central tenet of mykultura is the insufficiency of solipsism (other beings certainly exist and are similar to the subject) and the fallacy of omnipotence (the subject is not omnipotent) - the subject is divine, but only relative to oneself. Other subjects are equally divine relative to themselves, but their divinity has no bearing on the world of another subject.

The mykultura philosophy does not concern itself with metaphysics, but rather with ethics and practical psychology. Egotheist religion deals with the proper veneration of the Divine Self and the progressive unfolding of the individual divine plan. Priest/counsellors help the believers to achieve this, and mykultura religious networks have sprung up across the wormhole Nexus.

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    The religious veneration of oneself. The most well-known example is Mykultura, which emerged in the Communion religious communities in the Regernar system in the early 7000's.
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