Doran Empire

Early interstellar dwarf cybertweak empire

Clade Doran Cyberdwarf
Image from Steve Bowers
The cyberdwarfs of Clade Doran are small humanoids with normal-sized human heads. They are capable of moving around easily on low gravity worlds and moons, but find their small limbs a handicap on heavier worlds or when they need to walk longer distances. For this reason they habitually wear massive cybersuits; some with quite utilitarian aspects and others with more aesthetic designs.
A broad-wavelength scan of the direction from which the shot came identified the culprits; two Doran hitmen, dressed in their sharp suits which packed lots of surprises. The long legs of these suits hid advanced stilt-boots which allowed the dwarfish Dorans to move blindingly fast; the suits also used efficient chameleon-tech to make the hitmen difficult to see. Only by comparing a wide range of wavelengths could Muligan see them at all. Someone was upending a table to use as a shield against the projectiles fired by the attackers; this table was rapidly disintegrating under the well-targeted bullets. Muligan attempted to deploy the gun in his artificial left wrist, but the hit he had taken seemed to have affected his arm control; it hung uselessly by his side. He commandeered his human left arm and attempted to access a handgun concealed in his abdomen area, but the access hatch was distorted and wouldn't open fully. Only one option left, then; he flipped onto his back, and pointed his artificial left leg at the intruders. There's a gun in my boot, he thought — no time to unholster it, so he aimed his whole leg (using sensors in his toes) at one of the hitmen, who exploded in a shower of sparks.

From the floor he could see Mimosa flying overhead, aiming some tiny weapon at the other hitman; an even larger shower of sparks erupted as she found her target. Both sharp-suited Dorans crumpled to the floor, as Muligan awkwardly scrambled to his feet. Much to his surprise the hitmen both recovered quickly, despite their suits being in sparkling adamantine tatters. They darted out of the door-flap and disappeared....

-Head of the Herd
Clade Doran emerged in the Interplanetary era of Solsys. They were designed to have smaller bodies to reduce mass and life-support requirements, although their heads were the same size as most other contemporary human clades. Their small bodies were well adapted to low gravity and microgravity environments, but they often used a range of larger cyberbodies which they could wear for more demanding tasks or as a form of transport.

After the Great Expulsion from Earth, the Solar System suddenly became crowded, so the Dorans took advantage of GAIA's assistance and joined the Diaspora to the stars. Using antimatter gifted by GAIA, they left Toutatis asteroid in an amat-fusion vessel in 629 and established a colony at GL 877, which they called Dorranok. Later colonies established by the Dorans included Secharia and Glim.

Over the next two thousand years, the fiercely independent Doran empire came in contact with, and in at times were in conflict with, the Eridanus League, the First Federation the Hildago Emergent Order, the Tahmetian Cruaders and the Conver Ambi.

The Doran Empire was repeatedly attacked during the First and Second Consolidation wars, and fragmented, with many members joining the joining the NoCoZo or the Solar Dominion. The last remnants (including Dorannok) entered the Terran Federation in 7855.

Image from Steve Bowers
Dorranok TransCentral City. Dorannok is a small world covered in domed habitats, like many other Doran worlds.

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