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Secharia orbits Thraub, a clarified superjovian gas giant

Secharia/Sesharia — HR 637 — Data Panel

Primary:GL 86, HR 637
Stellar Type:K0 v — close orbiting binary — combined comfort zone 0.6AU
Companion:GL86 b White dwarf; when this star first left the main sequence it was the brightest star in the sky of Thraub and Sesharia, heating both worlds by an additional 1000 Celsius.
Region:35 ly from Sol, constellation Eridanus
Major Planet and Moons:GL86 b Thraub - clarified superjovian; 140,000 km diameter; 0.11 AU orbit
Moons Sesharia (later known as Secharia); mercurial subclass rocky moon; bluesky worldroof added later
Hiresia - minor moon, partly worldhoused
Dreir - 200 km diameter rocky moon with several insulated cities and power collection arrays
Important Local Artificial Intelligences:Local AI powers: The Contingency Crew, a loosely concerted group of SI:2-SI:3 hyperturings with various provenances.

AIs' Ethos: Hospitable and accommodating, the Crew nevertheless are secretive and have several joint projects in the Sesharia Kuiper belt with the Local Backgrounder clades and Deeper covenanters, apparently involving antimatter trading.
Polity:Name: Sesharia

Symbol: Orange Snake in an 'S' shape

Affiliation: NoCoZo, former Doran Empire world and frontier with the Eridanus League

Colonized: 1102 by the Doran empire colony ship Zschorn from the Nanotech Window Cyborg colony at GL 877
Psyche, Art, Culture:History: The brief honeymoon period in the solar system with Nanotechnology in the late 5th and early to mid 6th centuries allowed increasing human cyberinterfacing, sometimes combined with germline engineering to produce radically altered posthuman cyborgs. The mixed experimental cyber-tweak Doran clade set off in an amat-fusion hybrid ship from Toutatis asteroid in 629 AT, setting up a colony at GL 877, before scattering among the red and orange dwarfs of the Inner Sphere while absorbing a few relativist Novan expeditions into the cyberculture, arriving at HR 637 in 1133.

The Sesha clan that set up on the hot moon of Thraub was tweaked for low gravity, but their bodies were very compact with short arms and legs to compensate for low bonecell stressing. Detachable cybersuits were used, some resembling fullsized or larger humans, and some resembling snakes or caterpillars for weaving through the boulder-strewn regolith of Secharia and Drier. Flying versions are now also available for use in larger habitats and paraterraformed worlds.
Contact was made with nearby P Eridanus in 1307 and infrequent relativist ships carried genetic and mnemonic material and exchanged colonists between the two systems and acted as a point of contact between the Eridanus League and the Doran Empire.

In 1599 a Novamedia/ Birnam Ecotech sponsored ship arrived bringing the Bluesky sect, a life extended group of NeoBuddhist ecotechnicians who developed Secharia with artificially lit bluesky harddomes to recreate Earthlike conditions, then established the first successful Bluesky Worldhouses on Hiresia and Dreir.

Over the next two thousand years, the Doran empire was in conflict with the Hildago Emergent Order, Tahmehtian Crusaders and the Conver Ambi in the First and Second Interstellar Empires wars, and fragmented, as did the Eridanus league, variously joining the NoCoZo or the Solar Dominion. The last remnants including Dorannok (GL 877) entered the Terran Federation in 5855.

Metapsychology: Clan Sesha tweak-cyborgs are space adapted, but have adopted the ecological spiritualism of the Neobuddhists, and like to journey naked of any cyber-attachments (or indeed clothes) in their low grav- parks and grasslands.

Metaethics: An artificial imperative exists in the Sesha psyche towards friendliness and hospitality, and many relativist clades and individuals have exploited this, so that the worldhouses and domes have large transient populations, but the cyberinterfacing of a suitwearing Sechan means that slights, insults and bad debts are not forgotten but are widely communicated among the cyber-tweaks.

Religion/Ideology: NeoBuddhism, Pragmatism, Market Abundance Theory, Etodism

Culture and Art: Landscape Gardening, cybersport including snake marathons, potlatch parties, asteroid sculpting and low-g architecture.

Languages: Doran cyberclip, Anglish, Galanglic, Eridanus Mandarin
Territory and Population

Population: Cyber-tweaks 5 billion (Sesha, Hiresia and Dreir )
Near Baselines and augmented humans- O'Neill and Bernal habitats 2 billion, also on Sesharia, Hiresia and Dreir 1 billion- -mostly NoCoZo and Dominion immigrants but some Terran Fed and Laylaron relativist communities.

A population of Backgrounders of unknown size is found in the Outer Kuiper Belt
Also 100 million virches in Dreir cybercosm nodes.

Immigration: 5 million Cyber-tweaks per annum from Inner Sphere, mostly exDoran worlds
10 million near baselines from Dominion NoCoZo and Terran federation worlds p.a.
15 million Cyber-tweaks p.a. to all vectors, 5 Million nearbaselines to Argo expansion direction, 10 million to all other areas.
Government and Administration:Government Type: Cybersyndicalism, Noncoercive Free Zone
National holidays: Window Thanksgiving, Bluesky Arrivalday, Saturnalia tenday

Constitution: Free Zone Trade Reserve, Accords with Eden Declaration of Sentient Rights, Encyclopaedia Galactica Institute Associate Membership

Legal System: standard NoCoZo law applies, with local modifications
Economics, Local Infrastructure =
Travel:Stargates: Nil

Cycler Routes: Yi Xue Yuan to CD -53 570

Hiresia Equatorial strip - The first bluesky worlds were paraterraformed in two halves, with a vacuum strip between for access. This strip is now in (thin) atmosphere due to leakage from the world roof but is still used as a major spaceport.

Thraub Leading Trojan Amat Concentration Entrepot Hazard Rating: 0.0 -assuming full environmental precautions taken

Visa Restrictions: Open Access

Environmental Requirements: Be prepared for Hard Vacuum, Extremes of Temperature outside of Terraform habitats.

Sites of Interest: Sesha Eech Hard Bluesky Dome Historical site
Bespoke Asteroid
Crawling Buddha Statues, Dreir

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