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Dorranok TransCentral City
Star: GL877
Type: KV-VI
Distance from Sol: 28.1 ly
Galactic XYZ coordinates (ly): 14.4, -16.0, -18.0

Ancient capital of the Doran Empire. Other worlds in this empire include Secharia and Glim.

Colonised in 929 AT by the Doran clade, in the Gathol, a ship of their own construction. This ship was accelerated by the GAIA boostbeams and decelerated by antimatter-catalysed fusion, also a 'gift' from the Goddess of Earth.

Most Dorans are humans tweaked for low height and reduced body mass; this allows them to construct their spacecraft and habitats on a smaller scale. For many activities, Dorans use large, powerful neurally-controlled exoskeletons (cybersuits) which increase their stature considerably, and allow them to live and work in vacuum or a wide range of non-breathable atmospheres for extended periods.

They can, however, remove these suits and live quite happily, both in standard hu-friendly environments, or in specially designed, reduced-scale habitats.

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Dorranok was originally a domed colony, covering most of this Hermian class world. Joined the Solar Dominion in 3890. In the aftermath of the Version War, Dorranok joined the Terran Federation. The world is now covered by a specialised canopy plant environment. The atmosphere inside the canopy plant environment is humid and misty, and many visitors find it somewhat uncomfortable and dark. To compensate for these conditions specialised augmentations or envirosuits may be obtained upon entry.

The Dorranok Slinger

Magnetic catapult
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The Dorranok Slinger, a dynamically supported electromagnetic catapult used by the Dorans to propel non-perishable cargo between the member systems of their empire
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